4 Signs There’s a Clog in Your Sewer Main Line

sos sewer minneapolisIf you are experiencing drain problems in your home, it’s important to know just how deep the problem goes. Most of the time, a clogged drain is highly local issue, very close to the visible drain and often based in the trap just underneath. However, if the problem is deeper, it might be all the way down in your sewer main line.

Your sewer main line is the sewer line shared by every drain in your home. This means that if the main line clogs, all other drains in your home will start displaying problems and it is possible that sewage stop leaving your home entirely. You may not have to imagine how disastrous this will soon become. Even a partial clog in your main line can be dangerous for the home and in no way pleasant for the family.

So how do you know for sure that your home is experiencing a main line clog rather than individual drain clogs? That is what we’re here to explain today.

1) Your Toilet Clogs Over and Over

One of the primary signs that your main line is suffering a partial clog is if you experience repeated toilet clogs. If every time you unclog your toilet it seems to clog again very soon, this could be because there is a clog deeper in that is never really clearing. You may also notice that plunging has a varying amount of effectiveness. It may sometimes seem very effective and sometimes barely clear the toilet. Of course, a clog-prone toilet will not be the only sign you see if your main line is stopping up.

2) Multiple Drains are Clogged at Once

The second sign is a far greater indicator because it relates to more than one drain at once. If your kitchen sink, your bathroom sink, and your shower are all draining slowly, this is very clear sign that there is something wrong with your main line because all drains flow into the main line. If your main line is stopped then naturally all other drains may show signs of misbehavior. A slow or stopped drain in your sinks or shower display that water is built up in your main line and any new water added will have nowhere to go.

3) Drains Have Begun Backing Up

Backing up is the next step after multiple drains slow down to a near stop. When your main line is so clogged that water can’t escape, it’s only a matter of time before new water added will start backing up into any drain that can be reached. If this were only sink and shower water, that would be manageable. The problem is that your toilets are flushing into the same clogged system so backed-up water be sewage. If sewage starts coming up  through your drains, this an unfortunately clear sign that your main line is clogged.

4) Clearing One Drain Causes Another to Back Up

If your drains aren’t all backing up, a sign that your main line is mostly clogged is when you can clear one drain and another backs up. This means there is some room in your main sewer system but when you push on one point, it pushes sewage up through another drain.

In A Mess in the Twin Cities? Call SOS Sewer! We Can Help Clear Your Sewer Line!

If you are seeing one or more of these signs, then the main line of your sewer is in bad shape. If plunging your drains doesn’t break it up, you’re going to need professional help. Contact us today for professional assistance clearing your sewer drain main line before it backs up any further into your home. We’ll have your drains running clear again in no time.