Clogged Toilet

Clogged Toilet Services Available in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Other Areas Around the Twin Cities

Clogged toilet? It happens. You get a clogged toilet, the water backs up, and soon you have a big mess all over your bathroom. Your bathroom flooring could be damaged from the flooding, as well as the woodwork and furniture. Sometimes, the excess water finds a way to leak through and create a water spot in the room below the bathroom. A clogged toilet can be a serious problem. Call S.O.S. Drain & Sewer Cleaning Services to fix your toilet overflow problem right away.

Our Minneapolis and St. Paul technicians are true professionals. They will have your clogged toilet fixed as soon as possible. At S.O.S., we understand the dangers of standing water. We respond to clogged toilet emergencies with speed. Our technicians are trained to fix your toilet with top-of-the-line equipment and safe methods designed to solve your problem, not create new ones. You can trust us to get your problem fixed.

We Fix Toilets with Repeat Clogging Issues

Does your toilet clog frequently? Do you have to use the plunger on a regular basis? This could be a sign that your toilet has a bigger clog or obstruction way down in the drainpipe. Maybe you have something stuck in the trap. Sometimes, we find toilet problems that stem from a malfunctioning sewer pipe. These types of clogging issues won’t be fixed with a toilet plunger. It’s time to get the toilet clog experts on the job. Our technicians have the right tools. We’ll find the source and take care of the problem for you, so you don’t have to worry about it any longer.

Reasons Your Toilet May Be Susceptible to Clogs

Not all toilets and pipes are created equally. Your toilet may be susceptible to clogs for one of these reasons:

  • Your toilet is a low-flow model. These toilets use less water pressure, which means the water may not be completely clearing out the pipes.
  • Your pipes are narrow. Some homes come with narrow pipes, which means waste can’t move through them as easily.
  • Your pipes have a rough interior. Cast iron or concrete pipes are not smooth on the inside. Toilet paper can snag, and create clogs.

Learn more about the ways toilet paper can create clogs and overflow problems. You may be able to prevent future clogs with a little preventative care.

24/7 Emergency Services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Surrounding Areas

When is a clogged toilet an emergency? If your only home toilet is overflowing, that’s an emergency. If your overflowing toilet is causing property damage, that’s also an emergency. Call us at S.O.S Drain & Sewer Cleaning, and let us know that you are experiencing an emergency that needs to be fixed right away. We are here for you. We truly want to fix your toilet so you can use it again. We want to save you from getting costly water damage in your home.

After we have been notified of the emergency, you can go ahead and shut off any water valves going to the toilet. This will help minimize the amount of spillage. When we arrive at your home, we’ll get right to work, unclogging your toilet safely and properly. Soon, you’ll be able to use your toilet again.

Contact Us for Clogged Toilet Services in the Twin Cities

Get your toilet fixed as soon as you can. S.O.S. is fast and professional. We’ll get your toilet drain cleaned and unclogged so you can get back to flushing. We are available in and around the Twin Cities. Go to our contact page for more information, or call our Anoka office at 763-413-4720, our St. Paul office at 651-645-8383, our Bloomington office at 952-835-7677, or our Minnetonka office at 763-559-9050.