Inside Main Line

Inside Main Line Cleaning in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Homeowners don’t pay much attention to the inside main line until there’s something wrong. A clogged inside main line can quickly become an emergency, especially during the freezing winter or rainy / melting months. If your residential main sewer line is clogged, call us right away!

Inside Main Line Service in St. Paul, Minneapolis and Surrounding Areas

Call us right away if you suspect a problem with your inside main line. Sewage backup can be dangerous to your health and your belongings.

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What Does the Inside Main Sewer Line Do?

The inside main sewer line plays a key role in your home sewer system. This line transports wastewater and sewage from your home to the underground, municipal (city) sewer lines. Think of it as the backbone of your sewer connection.

Signs that Your Inside Main Line is Clogged

When there is a problem with the inside main line at your home, you’ll probably notice. A major clog can cause raw sewage to back up into your drains. This can lead to significant damage to your home.

Early Warning Signs:

  • Toilets that “percolate,” bubble or make noises when you’re finished with your washing machine. You’ll recognize the sound of a coffee pot percolating, except it’s coming from your bathroom. GROSS!
  • Water puddling around your basement drain. This can quickly become an emergency, so call the team at S.O.S immediately.

If you suspect a clog in your inside main line, shut off that line. Your sewer cleanout line is a round, white pipe with a rubber cap usually found at the rear of St. Paul and Minneapolis area homes. You can remove the cap during a backup so the pressure inside can be relieved. That will divert water to flow outside rather than in your home.

What if There is Water Damage to the Home Already?

If you come home from work or travel to find a flooded basement, raw sewage in your basement shower, or a hardcore sewer smell, call a Minneapolis / St. Paul area drain and sewer company immediately. Then, contact your homeowner’s insurance company. Homeowner’s insurance policies in Minnesota usually cover this type of damage.

While you mustn’t breathe sewer fumes, you can try to mitigate the damage to your home by opening windows and turning on fans upstairs. This will keep the air circulating and hopefully prevent mold and mildew from taking hold.

  • Take photos of the water and damage with your cell phone. Your homeowner’s insurance adjuster will want to see them.
  • Remember, don’t touch anything that’s soaked with sewer water! It can be contaminated with all sorts of infectious diseases.

The S.O.S Mission: Excellence in Drain and Sewer Cleaning for Minneapolis & St. Paul Homeowners

At S.O.S., we’re proud of our sewer cleaning technicians. Our mission is to provide excellent, rapid, guaranteed drain and sewer services for St. Paul and Minneapolis area homeowners and landlords.

When the S.O.S. technician arrives, we promise you’ll be impressed with our professionalism and knowledge. All our techs are trained to use state-of-the-art technology to locate the inside main line clog and rectify it quickly, so your sewer drain runs properly again.

Professional Minneapolis & St. Paul Drain & Sewer Cleaning Service

When the main line is clogged, it leads to several issues throughout your home, and presents risks to your family’s health. When you notice any of the early warning signs (percolating toilets) or any major problems (raw sewage backing up into a bathtub) call us ASAP.  Or contact us online! Experienced sewer technicians are standing by.