Storm Drain Cleaning

Storm Drain Cleaning Twin Cities

Storm drain cleaning ensures storm drains keep running the way they are supposed to. A storm drain system that doesn’t run properly is one that can cause flooding and sanitary issues. Pollutants could make their way to places they do not belong.

Regular storm drain cleaning reduces the amount of trash, pollutants, and debris inside the storm drain system. This is important for the environment and the storm drain itself, as it can prevent it from getting clogged and causing a major mess.

If you have noticed your storm drain is backing up or it is not working the way that it is supposed to, our Minneapolis & St. Paul drain & sewer cleaning service can be right there to clean your storm drain. Once the cleaning is complete, the drain will run the way that it is supposed to and that means a number of problems prevented.

Cleaning Storm Drains the Right Way

There are right ways and there are wrong ways to cleaning storm drains. How the storm drain is cleaned depends on the size of the pipe and its length. For instance, using flushing to clean storm drains may not be a successful if a pipe is more than 36 inches in diameter. We also ensure that there is a water source available for cleaning and that any wastewater that is collected is disposed of properly. If the pipe is more than 700 feet in length, the efficiency of flushing decreases, so this may require an additional plan of action.

Fortunately, our storm drain cleaning experts know how to properly clean the storm drain so that it is clear of debris. Even if the pipe is extremely long, there are tools and methods that can get the job done.

Maintaining Storm Drains

Once the storm drain is clean, it is good to establish a maintenance plan. This means having the drain regularly cleaned so that the clogs can be stopped before they become serious issues. This also ensures that you are doing your part to preserve the environment and the safety of your neighborhood. You would be amazed how much safer things become when you don’t have to worry about street flooding or harmful substances making their way to the street, sidewalk, or even your yard.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Drain & Sewer Cleaning Service

Storm drains are a very important part of the overall sewage system and, just like anything, they need to be properly cleaned. Without proper cleaning, they are not able to operate the way that they should. This can cause a wide range of problems. The good news is that S.O.S. Drain & Sewer Cleaning Services can clear a storm drain so it can start running like new again. To learn more about our services, call the Anoka office at 763-413-4720, the St. Paul office at 651-645-8383, the Bloomington office at 952-835-7677, or the Minnetonka office at 763-559-9050.