5 Places Your Home Could Use a Floor Drain

Drains are something you never think about right up until the moment you need one and there isn’t a working drain available. Most DIY solutions don’t involve the drains because who thinks about renovating the drains? No doubt, the last time you had any really serious thought about a drain was also the last time a drain backed up in your kitchen or bathroom. But have you ever found yourself wishing for a drain when there wasn’t one available? What about washing the car, your dog, or a rambunctious toddler? These are times when you not only need a good drain to carry all the water away, you need a floor drain.

Floor drains are almost never included in home designs, but there are times in every homeowner’s life where one would be incredibly useful. If you have ever found yourself trying to quickly soak up an enormous mess with towels before the water hits the carpet line, you know what we’re talking about. There are actually five very distinct locations in any home where a floor drain would be helpful.

1) The Garage

A lot of things can happen in the garage, and not all of them are clean. From car maintenance to hobby projects, there are a number of ways to get your garage floor completely filthy to the point where gallons of soapy water are the only answer. Of course, once you get all the mess up, there’s the water to deal with. A floor drain in your garage means that no matter what mess occurs, it can all easily be washed away down the center of the floor. You can even wash your car in the garage instead of the driveway to save your grass from soap damage because everything will flow through the drain into the sewer.

2) The Laundry Room

Ninety-nine percent of the time, your laundry room is perfectly dry. You move clothes from one machine to the next, fold, put away, and repeat. However, when something goes wrong with a washing machine, there is always a certain amount of risk for leaking and flooding. Older washing machines and machines that have been over-filled with clothes are likely to create their own self-perpetuating puddle, but even small amounts of water can cause mold and water damage to the floor and nearby walls. A floor drain in your laundry room ensures that the one time your washing machine floods, the rest of your house isn’t flooded with it. Instead, all that house-damaging water will flow safely away.

3) The Basement

Not all homes have basements, but those that do should watch out for the classic basement flood. Basements usually flood for one of two reasons. Either some nearby plumbing has been damaged and started an enthusiastic leak or the basement is not completely sealed and it rains for several days. Either way, basement floods are incredibly common but there’s no need to put you underground possessions or home structure at risk. A single floor drain in a slightly sloping basement floor can completely prevent basement flooding even in situations where the water would normally rise to knee-level.

4) The Kid’s Bathroom

While you may be able to control your urge to splash fight and avoid washing the dog in the master bathroom, the same cannot be said of the kid’s bathroom. This is where all of the most active water games happen from bathtub adventures to toothbrush swashbuckling. If you have a dog that doesn’t like being bathed, this only increases the chance of messes, puddles, and even small floods. A simple floor drain is all it takes to make sure your kids can’t accidentally flood the house even by leaving the tub running and plugged.

5) The Patio

Finally, don’t underestimate the possibility of outdoor spaces to flood or hide under a layer of rainwater. Patios are actually notorious for flooding, especially ground-level patios that are mostly tiles on dirt. If there is even one low spot on your patio, water will puddle and stay there every time it rains. Instead, consider redesigning the patio with a subtle floor drain. This can keep your backyard relaxation space dry and prevent any of the downsides of stagnating puddles.

Standing water is incredibly dangerous for a modern home. It brings a collection of problems including mildew, rot, attracting insects, and providing a breeding ground for mosquitos. Whether there is water pooling up on your patio or constantly forming puddles in your bathroom, a floor drain is the solution you’re looking for. If you’d like more information about floor drains and other drain related solutions, contact us today!