Cleaning a Slow Toilet Drain in Minneapolis


Toilet Drain Cleaning Minneapolis & St. Paul

There are a number of times you must face uncertainty in your life, but the anxiety of using a slow draining toilet can be something completely avoidable with the right know how. Regular toilet drain cleaning in Minneapolis is important if you want to be confident that what needs to be flushed will be flushed. However, the average homeowner may know a way or two to unclog a toilet drain, but cleaning a slow drain can be a different sort of beast.

Ice Could Be The Issue

If your toilet is draining slowly this winter, it might not actually be a traditional clog. It could very well be ice that is causing your issue, or a combination of ice and a lesser clog. Minneapolis is no stranger to a good freeze, so if your toilet is located on an exterior wall, there may not be enough insulation to keep the drain pipe warm enough. This can be solved by using a space heater in the bathroom this winter and taking measures before next winter to insulate the area.

Utilizing the Plunger

A plunger is not just for clogs. If your toilet is draining slowly, plunging can often solve the issue just like it does with a clog. Essentially, what a slow draining toilet is caused by is a partial clog. Water can still get through, it just does so very slowly. By giving the toilet a proper plunging, it can work to break up the clog.

With plunging a slow draining toilet, always remember that you want water over the plunger at all time. This means if the water is draining, you may need to flush again to assure that there is still water over the plunger to make it effective.

Bring in the Snake

If a plunger is not solving the issue, then it is time to bring in a drain snake. Similar to plunging, the snake breaks up clogs, but it doesn’t use pressure, it physically breaks them up by going inside your toilet drain. However, it can be tricky to know exactly where the clog is and how deep you need to go. Some may feel more comfortable leaving it up to a professional.

What Not To Do

Plunging and snaking seem like the obvious answers to slow toilet drains, but they are the most effective and safe for toilets. If you have a slow drain, however, there are things that you definitely should not do.

  • No to Drano – Do not put drain decloggers like Drano down your toilet. Not only are they significantly less effective as they are diluted with water, but they will still cause damage to your toilet and the drain.
  • Try Too Many DIY Remedies – There are a lot of DIY remedies you can try to solve slow toilet clogs, but always use good sense with them. After enough times dropping different things down your toilet, you are going to cause more problems.

Calling in a Professional

If you can’t solve this issue, it is time to call in the professionals. In truth, what most drain cleaning services will do is the same as the above home remedies, but they have a lot more experience behind them. Well versed in different plunging techniques and how far you can send in the drain snake, a drain cleaning service will make sure the job gets done right. Some clogs are really tough, and sometimes they take a professional hand. If you are dealing with a slow toilet drain in your Minneapolis home that you can’t seem to fix, contact us today to see what SOS Drain & Sewer can do for you.