Clogged Pipes are Bad News

Most people have had a slow draining sink at some point in the past and it can be rather annoying. Most of us don’t do a thing until the drain is completely clogged, which is not really a good idea.

Pipes become clogged over time. This is because of a buildup of food, hair, grime, and whatever else goes down the drain in the course of a day. This buildup can lead to an issue where someone is going to have to unclog it or the drain cannot be used. Sometimes, unclogging the drain can be very difficult. It may even have to be taken apart if the clog is too severe to remove through typical means. Drain clogs can also lead to pipe issues that can cause costly property damage. That is why it is important to reach out for help the moment the drain starts running slow.

Property damage occurs when a clog becomes so severe that the pipe leaks. Water will flow along the path of least resistance, so when a drain is not working right, the water is going to find the easiest way out. This is a common occurrence below bathroom and kitchen sinks. The reason is because it is rather easy for the drain to leak because they are kept together by compression fittings. These fittings are typically hand tightened and work the way they are supposed to on maintained drains. The leak occurs because these fittings are not designed to handle pressure.

Unfortunately, even a slow leak can be just as damaging as a pipe that bursts or a flood. This is because a slow leak can go unnoticed for a prolonged period of time. This gives plenty of time for mold to form. If you are not sure there is mold, open up the cabinet under the sink and see if you smell a musty odor. If you do, then there is mold. Because most cabinets are made from particle board that acts like a sponge, the areas that got wet are going to become very moldy and that means the cabinet and all affected areas will need to be replaced.

If you notice that your drain is running slow and you want to avoid costly leaks, you can use a plumbing snake to remove debris. A plunger can also be used. If you find you cannot remove the clog, you already have a leak, or you realize you need professional help, a qualified drain and sewer cleaning service can help and make sure the clog is removed properly and completely. The other drains in your home or business can also be checked and maintained so that you know water is flowing freely through your drains.