Do You Need Drain Cleaning?

At some point, you are going to need the drains cleaned in your home. The reason for this is that, over time, the drains in your home become layered with dirt, grime, soap scum, and more. Eventually, all this build up can potentially lead to damaging clogs, as well as mold growth in the drains, which leaves a highly unpleasant smell. However, not many homeowners know when their drains should be clogged. Here are  a few signs that point to when you should call a plumber for drain cleaning:

Water Pressure is Reduced:

If you notice that the water pressure in any plumbing appliance in your home has been reduced, then you likely need your drains cleaned. This is because there is likely a heavy amount of mineral deposit build-up in the drains that is blocking the water from flowing through the drain system.

An Unpleasant Smell:

If you notice a highly unpleasant smell coming from any of the sink drains in your home, it’s probably time for drain cleaning. As mentioned before, this can be from mold growth and you definitely want to stop it before it becomes worse.

Slow to Drain:

Finally, if you notice that the water in your sinks or tub is slow to drain after being used, it’s likely because the build-up in the drain is preventing the water from flowing straight through. You shouldn’t have to use a plunger to get your drains to drain faster every time you use the sink or shower.

When you know some of these common signs of it being time for drain cleaning, you can better determine when it’s time to schedule an appointment with a plumber. Contact us today to learn more.