Ensuring Your Septic System Doesn’t Freeze this Winter

Minnesota residents know that the winters can be very cold and that means those living in rural areas have concerns regarding their septic systems freezing up, especially when there is snow on the ground.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to prevent septic freeze in the winters.

First, make sure any leaky water fixtures inside the home are repaired. Sinks and toilets that leak can cause ice to form within the home’s sewer line, which is the line that runs to the septic tank. This is one time that you may use a little more water to take a longer bath or shower when it is really cold outside because this can keep ice from forming in the pipes.

If there are any inspection pipes or caps that are cracked or missing over the drain field or the tank, make sure they are replaced. If not repaired or replaced, cold air is delivered directly into the septic system, which will promote freezing. If there is a history of the septic system freezing up, then there is an ongoing problem that needs to be addressed and it is best to have a sewer professional take care of these issues.

Common repair methods include repairing settled or sagging pipes, installing insulation, regular pumping of the tank and cleaning the drain field, keeping the ground over the drain field in tip top shape, and not parking vehicles in the drain field area.

You do not want to block any of the drain field for the fact that snow can be a good insulator. Yes, it is cold, but you do not want a car or a boat blocking the drain field when snow can give the ground what it needs to protect your septic system. Snow only affects your septic system when it is in disrepair.