Floor Drain Cleaning Minneapolis St. Paul

Floor drains retain a lot of dust during the floor cleaning process. The location of the drain determines the quantity of debris it may catch. For example, a floor drain in a kitchen may not hold as much debris as the drain in a garage. Irrespective of the location of your floor drain, it can still become clogged. It is vital to keep your floor drains clean because clogged floor drains can be stressful.

A clogged floor drain is a problem that requires the services of drain cleaning experts to fix. At S.O.S Drain & Sewer Cleaning Services, we have experienced technicians who can help in unclogging your floor drain and get it operate like it was not clogged in the first place. Unclogging your floor drains helps in keeping your floors clean.

Signs of A Clogged Floor Drain

There are different signs that your floor drain is clogged, including:

When it Slows Down

You may be pushing the same quantity of dirty water towards the floor drain to get it to go down. If the water is taking longer than usual to go down the drain, then something is wrong.

When Nothing Goes Down at All

If nothing drains down your floor drain, then it is an indication that your drain is clogged and that it needs to be unclogged pronto. The debris you were trying to clean will remain until you seek the services of a professional drain cleaner to unclog the drain. This explains why your drain needs to be cleaned and freed from any clog as soon as possible.

Reasons Why You Need the Services of a Professional Drain Cleaner

At times, you might be tempted to clean your floor drains yourself. However, cleaning your floor drains can be very tricky and requires the expertise of a professional.

The major reasons why you need the services of a professional drain cleaner include:


When you call a professional drain cleaning company, you are sure that your floor drains will be cleaned correctly with the right tools and skills. The professionals do not damage pipes and completely remove the clog, thereby minimizing the possibility of recurrence.

Avoids Costly Downtimes

A clogged floor drains can make it difficult for you to go through your daily chores. Seeking the services of a professional cleaner minimizes such experiences.

Helps in preventing Pipe Problems

It is an excellent practice to maintain the integrity and health of your piping system. Clogs might take time to develop and can lead to major blockages and damage to your pipes. You can prevent pipe problems by hiring a professional drain cleaner to remove the blockages on your pipes.

Help in Getting Rid of Sewer Smells

Other than unclogging your floor drains, drain cleaning experts eliminate strange smells that might be coming up from your drains. They have the expertise to flush out foul smells from your plumbing system. For example, the professionals can use pressurized water to push away the dirt, thereby eliminating foul smell from your pipes’ walls.

Your floor drains can have different issues because of the clogging caused by dirt. If your floor drain is behaving abnormally, then it is an indication that you should have it checked by skilled and experienced professionals. Professionals do the job properly, help in avoiding costly downtimes, and are reliable.

S.O. S Drain & Sewer Cleaning Services is a professional floor drains cleaning company that can help identify whether your floor drains are clogged and help fix it and restore it to its original functional state. Contact us for floor drain cleaning and maintenance services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and areas around Twin Cities.