Floor Drains – Clogging and Solutions

Floor drains are systems located on the floors of rooms to drain any liquid out of the room and prevent any flooding or water damage to the surrounding area. While a good idea to prevent headaches for homeowners, they can be clogged in the following ways:

  • floor debris being washed into the drains with liquid, eventually causing a buildup
  • certain liquids (in the case of a spill, for instance) can leave gunk or other sticky substances behind in a drain that will create buildup

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While it may seem tempting to try and unclog the drain yourself, it would be wise to avoid doing this. You may unknowingly cause damage to the pipes or only unclog part of the issue, meaning the clog will resurface again in some time. When you call a professional from S.O.S Drain & Sewer, the procedure is as follows:

  1. The technician will arrive at your home with all the supplies neededthe problem will be analyzed, and the correct solution depending on the situation will be selected.
  2. The technician will unclog the floor drain without any damage to pipes and ensuring that the entire clog is now removed.
  3. Your drain should now function just like new, as if nothing had ever happened.

Floor Drain clogs are often a simple fix for a professional, but can be complex for the untrained hand, who may make matters far worse. For this reason, we highly recommend you contact S.O.S Drain & Sewer for a trusted professional before trying to fix your drain yourself, which may make for an even bigger headache. And, as always, if you know of a friend or business that could use our help, feel free to easily show them this post with this link.