Frozen Pipes: Take Advantage of the Warmer Weather to Make Repairs On Your Own Terms

frozen pipesWe’re now entering the spring months in earnest (unless you’re in Boston), and as the trees begin to bud frozen pipes might be the furthest thing from your mind.

It shouldn’t be.

Just because your pipes survived the winter doesn’t mean they will survive the next one.  Now that the temperature is more mild, this is the prime opportunity to have your pipes cleaned by professionals.  If your pipes are old, they might have cracks or plugs that have gone unnoticed.  Getting them cleaned will remove these blockages, and pipes that are clear are much more likely to survive the following winter.

This is especially true if you experienced any of the following this past winter:

  • Low water pressure
  • Faucets or fixtures that did not turn on
  • Any period of time where your pipes were not protected by your heater, such as a cold snap while you were out-of-town

What most people do not realize is that pipes that burst in the cold and pipes that are clogged are related, and that one reinforces the other.  Pipes that become frozen are weakened, even if they do not burst, making them more susceptible to intrusion from roots.  Pipes that are full of roots are more likely to burst in the cold, because the roots will expand and contract as the water inside them freezes, and the end effect is similar to what happens when roots destroy sidewalks.  SOS Drain & Sewer ( is ready to help you avoid this scenario.

You might not be able to do anything about the cold weather, and even if you keep your heat on, your pipes might still be at risk.  So now, while the weather is warm, but before the growing season is in full swing, you should schedule a cleaning of your pipes to clean out any roots that have made their way inside before they have a chance to further damage your plumbing.  Contact SOS Drain & Sewer today, and you’ll thank yourself when your pipes are safe tomorrow.