How Do You Clean Drain Pipes

How Do You Clean Drain Pipes

When your drain pipe clogs, the cause can be related to a number of problems. In some cases, there is a wad or seal of something that has formed in the pipes. In some cases, there is so much buildup inside the pipes that they have narrowed and anything can clog them. The good news is that there are a number of things a homeowner can do to clean their drain pipes before throwing up your hands or calling for a service. Today, we’re here to help you outline how to address your dirty and clogging drain pipes.

Very Hot Water

The first thing that anyone can do to help clear your pipes is to pour boiling water down them. If your problem is caused by built up soap scum or solidified grease in the drains, boiling water will break down both. The water will act as a solvent for soap while the heat of the water will melt grease and force it through. In some cases, it is recommended that you start by filling the sing with hot water and then opening the drain to push all the hot water down at once. In other situations, it may be more effective to simply pour the pot quickly down the drain and watch the result.

Vinegar and Hot Water

One variation of the hot water trick is to pour down an ample supply of vinegar to flush out the drain. The vinegar will melt scale, which is buildup of minerals like magnesium and calcium which are elements of hard water. Hard water scale can eventually narrow and clog your drain pipes. But it is broken up by vinegar.

Zip It

Zip-Its are a unique drain clearing device that is essentially a long flexible plastic stick with ridged tines along either side. it is designed to either push clogs down and break them up. Or, alternately, the tines on the Zip-It are designed to catch hair that forms clogs and pill it back up. Zip-Its are very affordable and bought in packs of five. Considering that they’re also quite durable, a Zip-It is a handy drain clearing device to have around.

Clear the Sink Trap

Your next option is to take apart the trap underneath the sink. The trap is where heavy items may drop to the bottom of a tube while water is forced to flow upward and out to escape. Your sink trap is highly useful if you know how and when to clear it. But if your s-trap overfills with things that are otherwise filtered out, then you will see a clog either way. Fortunately, it’s often as easy to fid whatever was clogging the trap and then install the trap back in place.

Plunge the Drain

If it’s not the sink trap and it can’t be fixed with hot water and vinegar then you might have to plunge it. Many households have a special smaller (and cleaner) plunger just for this occasion. A plunger applied to the kitchen sink. bathroom sink, or tub drain can make a serious difference by creating the force of suction. while you may never see the clog personally, the force of suction is often enough to cause the clog to break up and move on in smaller pieces.

Call for Drain Clearing Services

When all home drain pipe cleaning methods have failed, it’s time to consult a professional. Many things can be wrong with your drain pipe, including something wrong with your neighbor’s drain backing up everyone nearby. A professional drain cleaning service dive deep to break up clogs and give you a more clear report if there is a condition narrowing your pipes.

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