How Does A Sewer Company Remove Tree Roots From Inside Your Main Line?

Have all of the drains in your home begun to drain slowly? Maybe you’ve even noticed some water backing up in your toilets. Chances are, you’re dealing with a clogged main sewer line. Many times, the clog is caused by tree roots growing into main pipe that leads from your home to the public sewer system. This problem is best dealt with by a professional sewer cleaning service. Here are some of the more common ways they get rid of tree roots so your water drains freely again.

Chemical Solutions

If the roots are still small, your sewer cleaner may first try removing them with a chemical root killer. This solution is poured down the pipes. Over a period of a few days, it kills the roots it touches without harming the rest of the tree. The solution also leaves a residue that keeps roots from growing back for about a year.

Mechanical Cutting

If the clog is more extensive, your sewer company may use a sewer auger to clear away the roots. This is a rotating cutter that is inserted into the pipe to essentially grind up any roots in its path. The downfall to this method is that the roots will grow back, so you will probably need to have the sewer company come back and auger the pipe again every year or two.

Replace the Line

When so many roots have grown into the line that it has begun to collapse and leak excessively into the surrounding soil, digging up and replacing the line is usually the best option. Your sewer cleaner may also recommend having the nearby trees removed so they don’t damage your new pipe in the same manner. While replacing a main sewer line can be costly and time consuming, it will save you the headache of continually having to call the sewer company back each time the roots re-grow into your pipe.

If you suspect tree roots may be clogging your main sewer line, contact us to schedule an inspection today. We’ll determine the extent of the problem and let you know which repair approach is best for you.