How Professional Drain Cleaning Stacks Up to DIY Remedies

Slow draining shower? Sink backed up? Standing water in your dishwasher? These are all problems and you might think they are all problems you can solve yourself. Sometimes you can, but just because it look fixed doesn’t mean the same problem won’t appear again weeks down the line. While you might not want to spend the money on professional intervention when it comes to drain cleaning, in the long run it might save you money if you keep having to purchase DIY tools and remedies to solve the same issue over and over again.

So how does a professional drain cleaning stack up to DIY methods?

Cost and Effectiveness

You will find that drain cleaning, like any plumbing job, may require certain tools to fix yourself. When you call a professional, they have every tool they need to fix most jobs in their truck. Alternatively, you might have to run out five different times to purchase a new tool if you do it yourself, and it all adds up.

When you have a professional come out to clean your drain, it won’t just be poking holes in the clog with their drain snake – you could do that all on your own. Instead, they will remove the clog and deal with the sludge that had built up enough to cause the drain clog in the first place. Many DIY solutions are built to remove clogs, but they don’t always deal with the issues that cause them.


DIY drain cleaning solutions come with some of the scariest warning labels of all cleaning solutions – and for good reason too! Drain cleaners can cause chemical burns if you get them on your skin, but even the fumes can cause nose, eye, and lung irritation. However, what we don’t realize is that drain cleaners aren’t only harmful to humans; they are hard on pipes too.

The chemicals need to be powerful to work at dissolving blockages, and this in turn can wear down your pipes. If you live in a particularly old home, your pipes can’t take a lot of caustic abuse as it is. While it is true that some clog removing products come made with ingredients to prevent pipe corrosion, this isn’t true for all of them. You need to read the labels carefully, but often it is much less of a hassle to hire a professional so you can make sure that it is done in a way that won’t cause pipe damage that is wildly more expensive to replace.


Drain cleaning can be an all-day or multi-day affair when you do it yourself. It is a few hours of checking, waiting, snaking, and likely troubleshooting why it’s not working on Google. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing something else? We all would. When you hire a professional to solve your drain problems, they get it done in a timely and in a surprisingly cost-effective way. The best part is they make sure it is done right so it won’t be clogged again a few weeks later.

Do you have drain problems at home or at your business? Contact us to see what SOS Drain & Sewer can do to make sure your drain issues get done right the first time. We offer solutions for both the home and business to make sure your drains are working as they should be whether it is on the inside or the outside of your building. Drainage is crucial in all structures and if blockages are compromising the ability to drain, it is only going to get more damaging and expensive if your leave it alone or fail to solve it yourself.