How to Prepare for a Drain Cleaning Appointment

Drain cleaning can be a beneficial service to your home, but it is not something that people have done all the time. If you are particularly lucky, you may never need it. However, more likely is that you have clogged or slow drains in your home that no off the shelf solution is fixing. When this happens, getting in touch with a plumber for drain cleaning is the right option.

Preparing For Drain Cleaning Service

If you are looking to schedule your drain cleaning service or already have an appointment on the horizon, there are a few simple things you can do to make sure that appointment goes as smoothly as possible. By making the right preparations, you can ensure that everything is concluded quickly and you can get back to fast, free flowing drains in your home.

Creating an Easy Access Point

The best thing you can do for your drain cleaning appoint is create as clear of a path between your front door and the drain as possible. You will also want to make sure the area around the drain has some space. This will allow your technician to get in there quickly and be able to lay out the tools they need for the job. This is typically most important for kitchen drains as they may be close to food items or cookware that you don’t want near a drain being cleaned. Kitchens tend to have more clutter, so clearing it makes it faster for your technician when they do not need to maneuver around anything extra.

Clearing the Area of Sewage

Unfortunately if your drain issue resulted in sewage backup, you will need to address this issues first. While it depends on the company, some drain cleaning services require the sewage to be removed before the drain can be cleared. In most cases, you will want to try and remove as much standing water as possible just to keep the mess to a minimum while the drain is being cleaned.

Don’t Try to Solve It With Chemicals

If you already have a drain cleaning scheduled, it is best to just sit tight. Many people try to solve clogs with chemical drain cleaners, but they just incredibly hard on your plumbing. Most often you end up with standing water that is now filled with hazardous chemicals. If you think you may need drain cleaning or can’t unclog it without chemicals, it is best to just skip the chemicals and go right to the professional touch. This protects your plumbing and will get the drain cleared completely and for a much longer period than a chemical cleaner.

Be Prepared For Potential Additional Service

While this isn’t necessarily a preparation to your home, you should be ready for news that you do need to have more done than just a drain cleaning. Sometimes a clogged drain is indeed just a clogged drain. However, sometimes it is just a symptom of a bigger plumbing issues. You may require some sewer service or need a pipe repair. Your technician will give you the full rundown on what is wrong and what they recommend your should have done, though. You can also schedule this additional service for another day, so no need to make a decision right on the spot.

Need Help Clearing Your Drains?

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