Importance of Garbage Chute Sanitation

If trash chutes are neglected, the tenants within an apartment building or a business are the ones that suffer. This is due to the fact that there are so many unsanitary items that are thrown down these chutes every day, such as feminine products, rotted food, and smelly diapers. When you dispose of these things, the yucky things build up. This can leave the garbage smelling terrible in addition to making it a playground for germs and bacteria.

Having garbage chutes cleaned regularly means having all of the built-up gunk removed. The smell is taken care of and so is the health risk that is posed by a dirty garbage chute. Fragrance-free cleaners are typically used by professionals to ensure that the bad smell isn’t added to. Harsh chemicals can release horrible fumes and this can make the area unbearable to be around.

It is best to have the professionals take care of the cleaning for the fact that they know how to do so safely and effectively and possess the right equipment.

When professionals do the cleaning, the job starts at the highest floor where the highest entrance is. All other doors are closed securely so that the cleaning process is more efficient. From here, the proper cleaning equipment can be used in the safest way possible. This cleaning process can include very hot water that is highly pressurized so that the dirt and grime can be removed.

As for what is encountered in a garbage chute that is removed, it is not out of the question to find human waste and insects in addition to the trash. There are also the bacteria that you can’t see.

Once the cleaning is complete, then the trash chute doors are unsealed so that the chute is ready for use again by the tenants.

It is also important to ensure that the dumpster room is cleaned after this process. The water that is used in the cleaning simply drains out the floor drain. Once all of the trash has been thrown into the dumpster, it is time to clean it out so that every component of the trash chute has received a thorough cleaning. Once this is done, everything can work efficiently and other than when it is used, the individuals within the building will forget that there even is a trash chute anywhere near because they cannot smell the odors that develop over time.