Minneapolis Drain Cleaning vs. Do it Yourself

Everyone at some point experiences a stopped up sink or toilet. Sometimes all it takes is a plunger and other times the plunger or the hardware store plumbing snake will not work. Unfortunately, plumbing issues can get a little complicated.

Some of the more adventurous types will try doing it themselves and go to a tool rental store and rent a full-size auger to run through the drain to clean it out. This may seem simple because all you do is turn on the auger and let it scour the pipe. If you have direct access to the drain line and all goes well, that’s fantastic. However, there are more than a few things that could be going on that will complicate things quickly.

But before doing anything, it is first important to look at why pipes become clogged: a large object or a collection of smaller objects may have been flushed down the toilet. Sometimes this can be normal waste or something that ended up there by accident. Sometimes tree roots can even infiltrate the drain pipe. If the issue is an object that was flushed, the line can be cleared. However, tree roots in a line could cause things to get a bit nasty.

Unfortunately, tree roots protruding into a drain pipe means that the pipe is broken. If you attempt to use an auger, you could cause further damage to the pipe and this could cause some serious expenses to come about. Homeowners are responsible for the drain piping all the way up to the point where it connects with the public service utility. If your drain pipe breaks in the ground, you have to have it fixed. In many cases, a Minneapolis drain cleaning company can clear out the roots and be done with it without the problem being made worse. However, roots do grow back and this means that it is best to have the drains cleaned annually.

Older homes may have plastic or clay pipes. Even with root infiltration, it doesn’t mean that the pipe has to be replaced. However, further damage can be caused by a do-it-yourself approach due to lack of experience and the equipment that can determine what the problem actually is. The only other option is to opt for drain repair.

Even if the object is just a child’s toy or a washcloth, improper auger use can still cause damage to the pipe. It is also not a very pleasant task to have to engage in because it can be very dirty and smelly.

So when faced with whether or not to take care of the problem yourself or hire a professional, it is best to look at the situation. If you know what the problem is and you are sure that a plunger can take care of it, go ahead and use the plunger. Plungers can solve a great deal of issues. However, if you are not sure and/or you don’t want to engage in a really smelly and messy task, professional help will make it much easier on you.