Minneapolis Sewer Cleaning: Side Sewer Cleanout

Most individuals do not know what it means to have a “cleanout for your side sewer.” This is something that many business owners and homeowners do not give a lot of thought to until the side sewer line backs up and needs to be cleaned out.

Sewer line backups typically cause the toilet to overflow or sewage to back up into the bathtub. When this happens, the house is completely out of order. There is no way to bathe, shower, do laundry, use the toilet, use the kitchen sink, wash the dishes in the dishwasher, or use the vanity sinks. This creates an emergency situation.

Through the help of a 24/7 Minneapolis sewer cleaning company, you can ensure the issue is taken care of immediately.

When you make the call, you will most likely need to answer what kind of access you have to clear out the main sewer line. This is something that is important to know.

What you need to look for is a pipe that has a twist-off top that makes getting to a main drain clog easier. If you have a basement, there is most likely a vertical stack that has a cleanout near the entrance. This entrance may be found at floor level. If you do not have a basement, then you need to know where the septic or sewer line exits the home. It can be found just outside the foundation. If you don’t see it there, then the cleanout may be in the main floor bathroom.

If you can’t find a cleanout, then it is possible you need one and you can have one installed. This is a rather good idea because it will make future backups easier to deal with and more affordable.

If you do not have a cleanout and you don’t want to have one installed, the drain cleaning may involve the removal and resetting of the toilet, which can add to the cost of the job. Having a cleanout installed can also reduce property damage.

As for the cost of the cleanout, it can vary based on how deep the plumber will need to go to reach the mainline. Various pieces of equipment are used to achieve this so that the cleanout can be installed in the right location and in the right way.

When you have a cleanout installed, you are more in control of any backups that occur in your mainline. Not only is it easier for the line easier to access, but the cleanout can be opened to allow sewage to spill into the yard rather than inside a bathroom or elsewhere inside. Think of it as a relief valve. Its main function is to avoid the damage that sewage backup can cause.

The cleanout also ensures that the sewer line is in line with current construction codes. Older homes may already have a cleanout, but they may be hidden or buried.

As for why sewer lines backup, it happens for many reasons. For instance, root intrusion or infestation is the most common. Roots can be cut out once per year to ensure the health of the sewer line. Growth retardants can be used to keep them from growing and some can even kill the roots.