Northlanders Could Benefit from Optional Sump Pump Policies

Many Northlanders have had issues with their flood insurance or the lack of flood insurance. There have also been concerns about sump pump and sewer backup policies.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce says that both flood insurance and sewer backup were a part of homeowner’s policies at one time. Now, both are optional. Policyholders now have to tell their insurance agents that they want to purchase this type of coverage, which is something many Northlanders have not had to do before. The floods of June 2012 changed this.

Department of Commerce officials claim that this is something that every homeowner should look into, as these precautions are inexpensive ways to protect the home from the next major flood or other disaster. Homeowners can also look to drain and sewer services to install sump pumps and put other preventative measures in place so that the need to file a claim can be reduced, but the insurance is there for when such issues come about that cannot be helped.

These additions to homeowner’s policies can cost approximately $20 per year. Officials suggest that anyone who is not sure of whether or not they have this protection to consult with their insurance agent.