Pipe Leaks in Foley Costing Taxpayers

Although they may seem minor, fixing the pipe leaks in Foley could save taxpayers a lot of money.

The city has a major issue of clean water entering the sewer, which means the pond system that is used for the treatment of wastewater doesn’t work as well as it could. The city is now taking steps to reduce the amount of clean water that flows into the sewer system. This, in turn, can extend the life of its infrastructure.

This move comes after the city renewed its wastewater permit, but this renewal came with the condition that the city figure out how to divert the clean water from the sewage.

The problem, known as inflow and infiltration, is not a new issue. What it refers to is rainwater that enters the system through storm drains or sump pumps. The groundwater then infiltrates the sanitary sewer system through cracked pipes and defective pipe joints.

Currently, Public works and other officials are crafting a city ordinance that regulates storm water disposal to allow the city to inspect floor drains, sump pumps, and service lines. It also includes making upgrades that comply with the ordinance, but they could cost property owners thousands. Officials say that doing nothing will result in thousands more in taxes anyway.

Both Twin Cities and Duluth suburbs, such as Golden Valley, Eden Prairie, and Apple Valley are having these issues too and have provided information for residents on their respective websites.

As for whether or not the issue is a minor one, it isn’t as minor as it seems. It is about the amount of water that is being treated that doesn’t have to be treated. There are millions of gallons of clean water infiltrating the system. By avoiding this, the treatment ponds could last much longer. The city recognizes that other options will have to be looked at down the road, but the city is going to make the best use of what they have in front of them right now. Residents can expect more changes in the future.