Preventative Minneapolis Drain Cleaning Prevents Major Plumbing Issues

When it comes to your plumbing, preventative measures can be taken by a Minneapolis drain cleaning company to avoid plumbing issues.

Preventative maintenance is a must in homes, hospitals, businesses, schools, office buildings, and all environments with plumbing. In some environments, ensuring the plumbing is taken care of is important in making sure that environment is safe. For example, a medical office of facility has to have a sterile environment that preserves patient safety and health.

For many facilities, it is important to stay one step ahead of the individuals who use the plumbing so that sinks, toilets, urinals, and other areas utilizing drains are able to stay clear of clogs.

In many facilities, such as schools and health care facilities, the drain problems start at the point of entry. One of the causes is using a toilet as a wastebasket rather than throwing trash in the garbage can. Children can also drop toys and other items in the toilet and adults use them to dispose of solid objects that aren’t meant to be flushed. This results in the items getting stuck in traps and this causes overflows.

Floor drains are another point of entry that tends to be misused. Rather than sweep up trash and debris and throwing it in the garbage, the trash and debris tends to be hosed down floor drains. Allowing solid debris to enter the drain can cause the line to become clogged. Settling basins become overloaded and the water and trash can then start to back up into the floor.

A commercial kitchen is a good example of an environment where drains undergo a lot of abuse. These drains experience fats, great, and oil. Because these substances contain petroleum, they can become problematic. When decomposing food is allowed to accumulate on top of the hardened grease, foul odors can come from the drains. Grease trap pumping doesn’t remove the grease. Instead, it leaves the trap walls all greased up and this buildup of crusted grease will continue to catch debris that goes down the drain.

In health care facilities, the flushing of medications, personal-care items, pathogens, red-bag waste, sharp objects, and the overuse of chemical cleaners all contribute to clogged drains and professional drain cleaning intervention is needed.

Kitchens and health care facilities are just examples of some of the most extreme environments that can host clogged drains. They can occur at home as well. The kids can flush items down the toilet that should not go there or adults can flush items that are not designed to be flushed. Perhaps the sinks are finally backing up because of residue that has built up over time. No matter what has occurred, there is professional help available so that drains can be flowing smoothly for the long-term.

In the meantime, it is best to not flush paper towels, baby wipes, or anything but toilet paper down a toilet. As for drains, it is best to clean out a sink of hair and other debris rather than wash it down the drain. Doing those two things can prolong the periods between drain cleanings.