Preventing Blockages With Regular Commercial Sewer Cleaning

In residential properties, sometimes drain blockages just happen very suddenly. A homeowner might dump half a gallon of latex paint down the drain and find themselves in big trouble. However, this is rarely the case in commercial properties. Most employees won’t have access to a lot of draining clogging options, and if they do, they will probably be educated during their work training not to dump them down the drain anyway. In commercial properties, drain problems are something that forms over time, but they need not ever be an issue if your business undergoes regular commercial sewer cleaning.

How Blockages Form In Commercial Drains

Commercial drain blockages occur over time. It might be mechanics washing brake grease off their hands or a dishwasher in a commercial kitchen washing greasy pans. While it is not like they are dumping pure grease down the drains, the small particles can stick in drains and sewers can build up into big clogs. The real issue is that when these particles build up over time, they often have time to solidify, making those clogs some of the toughest clogs to remove without professional intervention.

However, commercial business owners can prevent these difficult blockages that can completely disrupt a business by choosing to have regular sewer cleaning. By hiring a sewer cleaning service, they can come out and very easily hydro jet your drains and sewers to remove build up.

This method of sewer cleaning is very much like how it sounds. They insert a host into the drains or sewer and using a high pressured jet of water, all the build up is blasted away. By doing this on a regular basis, it keeps everything flowing smoothly and dramatically prevents further plumbing issues.

When to Schedule a Commercial Sewer Cleaning?

Unlike maintenance for other commercial systems, your commercial sewer system typically doesn’t endure more stress in certain seasons. Typically, build up is pretty consistent year-round, and cleaning your commercial sewer system should be consistent too. While you will certainly reap the benefits of a commercial sewer system cleaning every year, for many businesses it need not be done every year, but it does need to be consistent. Don’t wait until there is a problem to clean your sewers.

For most businesses, a cleaning every two years can often be sufficient. However, if you run a business where your sewer system will be prone to more build up, then you may still want to consider a sewer cleaning once every year. Often commercial kitchens are most in need of this. While you will have grease traps that catch the majority of fats, oils, and grease so it does not go into the sewer system, washing your cooking pans, plates, and tools still introduces a fair amount of it down those dishwashing drains. These materials are the most common cause for build up and will cause the most problematic clogs so they want to be kept to a minimum.

If you are consistently having sewer issues, you will want to contact us today to get to the bottom of it. Even if you can unclog a drain yourself, if you are consistently having issues with the plumbing in your business, you may not be addressing the root cause of it. To address your commercial sewer issue and see if commercial sewer cleaning on a regular basis is a good choice for your business, contact us today. SOS Drain & Sewer is dedicated to keeping your plumbing working as it should be. Whether you run a business or have a problem at home, let us come and make sure that it does not keep happening and cause bigger, more expensive sewer issues.