Professional Drain Cleaning Near Minneapolis

If you live in the Minneapolis area and are in need of professional drain cleaning services, look no further than SOS Drain & Sewer. We are a reliable and trustworthy company that is dedicated to providing top-notch services to our customers.

Clogged drains can be a major inconvenience and can cause a variety of problems, from water damage to foul odors. That’s why it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible and get your drains cleaned by a professional. At SOS Drain & Sewer, we have the tools and expertise to handle any drain cleaning job, big or small.

One of the things that sets us apart from other drain cleaning companies is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We offer free estimates 24/7, so you can get a better idea of the cost and scope of the work before you make any decisions. Simply give us a call at (763) 413-4720 and one of our experienced technicians will be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

In addition to providing free estimates, we also offer a variety of services to meet your drain cleaning needs. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Hydro jetting: This is a powerful and effective method of cleaning out your drains, using high-pressure water to remove any debris or blockages. Hydro jetting is especially useful for larger blockages or for cleaning out older pipes.
  • Snaking: This is a more traditional method of drain cleaning that involves using a long, flexible rod to clear out blockages in your pipes. This method is often used for smaller blockages or for cleaning out smaller pipes.
  • Camera inspections: If you’re not sure what’s causing your drain issues, we can use a camera to take a look inside your pipes and identify the problem. This can help us determine the best course of action for cleaning out your drains.

In addition to these services, we also offer emergency services for those times when you need immediate assistance. Whether you have a clogged drain or a broken pipe, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

If you’re in need of drain cleaning services in the Minneapolis area, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (763) 413-4720. Our team of experienced technicians is ready to help you get your drains flowing smoothly again. We look forward to working with you and providing top-notch services that exceed your expectations.