Property Managers: What to Do When Your Tenants Have Drain Clogs

“Who handles repairs” Is one of the basic considerations between rental tenants and property managers. Leases usually draw a reasonable line between “major” and “minor” repairs, defining who is responsible for each. Tenants take care of little things like paint scuffs and loose handles while the property manager is ready to be called in for anything behind the walls or larger than a microwave.

It’s best to do things this way because it ensures that tenants are taken care of and that any important decisions or tasks are taken care of by the property manager. Tenants usually try to take care of drain issues themselves first, but when all else fails it’s time to call for backup. As a property manager, it’s important to know how to handle a deep drain clog with sewer and drain cleaning services.

Let’s take a quick look at the best way to protect the home’s plumbing and get those drains quickly back into service for tenants.

Tenant’s Choice

Some tenants are more than prepared to handle repair duties on their own. They may have already looked up the best Minneapolis drain service and simply need your OK to make the call. If you’re dealing with highly capable tenants, this can save you a lot of trouble coordinating services with their schedule. The best thing you can do when tenants know who to call is to make sure you cover the bill according to the same rules as if you had called the service. You may also want to do a quick research session on whichever sewer and drain service your tenants selected.

Choosing a Drain Cleaning Service for Tenants

Of course, in most situations, tenants will want to leave the entire issue in your hands to solve. While also wanting their drains back very soon. This means your first step is to research Minneapolis drain and sewer services. Look for a company that serves in your area, has a high rate of approval from previous customers, and information on services for the type of building you manage. Don’t be shy about calling around for quotes or information on how the service would handle this particular drain issue.

Scheduling With the Tenant

Once you find a service, your next challenge is scheduling the drain cleaning with your tenants. Most likely, they will want a resident to be present while the drain cleaning occurs, therefore you will need to set a time that works both for your tenants and the service.

We advise you talk to your tenants first to figure out where their windows of availability are, then work with the drain cleaning service to meet their needs. Services are often much more able to be flexible than tenants who must go to work or school. You will also want to be present in to hear the report on what’s up with the drains and just in case any additional service is needed.

Clearing the Drains

On the day of service, make sure to arrive at the property at least fifteen minutes early, and let your tenants know you are doing so. Keep your phone on you just in case either of the other two parties calls to reschedule or ask questions. Remember that you, as the property manager, are the go-between. Most likely, you (or your landlord-client) will be footing the bill which means you should stay on top of any expenses or additional services. However, your tenant is the one who may be needed to answer questions about how the drain has been used, and to receive advice on how to avoid future clogs.

Addressing Any Problems

Finally, there will probably be some kind of report at the end (or in the middle) of your drain cleaning service. This is where the cleaning professionals tell you what clogged the drain and how to avoid that in the future. In some older buildings, clogs are semi-inevitable and tenants can do their best to treat drains gently. In other situations, you may discover that tenants have been unknowingly flushing ridiculous items down the drains, causing the clogs.

If the tenant has small children, expect to be surprised. But whatever the cause was, chances are you’ll need to have a talk with your tenant about how to not repeat this clog scenario in the future.

In A Mess? Call SOS Drain & Sewer Today!

If all has gone will, after this point your tenants should be happy with freshly cleared drains and you will have neatly dispensed with another property manager duty. For more tips on how to handle rental property drains with and without tenants in residence, contact ustoday!