Protect Your Landscape with Trench Drain Cleaning

trenchAll types of outdoor environments require proper drainage. When water collects on the surface, it can saturate the ground; thus, jeopardizing the structural integrity of nearby buildings while washing away otherwise healthy grass and plant life. There are several different ways to promote proper drainage, including the use of a trench drain.

What is a Trench Drain?

A trench drain, also known as a channel drain or line drain, is a special type of in-ground drain that is characterized by the use of a channel-shaped body. It is typically used to prevent buildups of water on the surface, featuring a flush-mounted grate in which the groundwater flows. Trench drains are long and narrow, and are often made of concrete.

Problems Associated with Clogged Trench Drains

Like all drains, trench drains are susceptible to backups. Whether dirt, mud, brush, sticks, etc., these things can build up inside the drain over time, preventing water from draining. And when the water fails to drain, it will collect on the surface, saturating and damaging the landscape. This can lead to land erosion while subsequently placing nearby structures at risk.

Allowing water to collect on the surface of your landscape may also promote the formation of mold, mildew and bacteria. Microorganisms thrive on moist conditions containing organic matter, which is why it’s important to have proper drainage.

How Trend Drain Cleaning Services Can Help

Problems such as those mentioned above is easily resolved by investing in trench drain cleaning services. A service technician will inspect the clogged drain to determine the source of the backup. Next, he or she will use the appropriate tools to unclog the drain, allowing the water to flow freely once again.

If you’re interested in trench drain cleaning services, contact us today for a fast and friendly estimate.