Restaurant Managers: Keeping a Clean Restaurant Begins in the Drains

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Twin Cities Drain Cleaning For Restaurants

A restaurant manager’s job is to not only make sure that service runs smoothly, but to make sure that the business as a whole is cared for. In the restaurant, good food and good service is crucial, but both begin with something simple – cleanliness. A dirty kitchen leads to lower quality food and that in turn leaks down into the service provided. However, what some restaurant managers may forget is that a clean kitchen should always start with clean drains.

What Happens When Restaurant Drains are Neglected

In a commercial kitchen, it is easy for things to be swept down the drains. Fat, oil, and even food scraps may end up down there during service or accidentally after clean up. When all this debris ends up in your drain, it will begin to harden and stick to pipes. Eventually, it will cause these drains to clog, but that is actually not the primary worry, surprisingly.

In actuality, the biggest problem dirty restaurant drains can have is that the food and fat particles will decompose and attract pests. Nothing can derail a professional kitchen faster than an invasion of fruit flies. Furthermore, if the fruit flies are coming from your drain, then it can be maddening for a restaurant manager who can’t figure out where they are coming from.

Most modern restaurants these days have drains that are equipped with grease traps of their own that act to prevent drain clogs. Furthermore, after educating employees that even small food scraps belong in the trash rather than down a drain, there are a lot of preventative measures in place to help keep your kitchen clean. However, all this can be for naught if the drain grease trap isn’t cleaned out regularly either as it will essentially cause the very same issues.

What Professional Drain Cleaning Does For a Restaurant

In truth, what a professional drain and sewer cleaning service does for a restaurant is makes sure the drain cleaning gets done. By choosing a professional service, they can assess your building’s unique drain system and give you a recommendation on how often it should be cleaned based on daily output. Furthermore, a professional service goes beyond just the drains in your building, but extends to the sewer system as well. The preventative maintenance that is provided makes sure that any fat, oil, or food that does make into your drains or sewer system doesn’t cause long-standing damage.

This means no breaks in your plumbing, no clogs, and no backups that could leave your business closed for multiple days in order to fix. Furthermore, on top of what could be a costly repair bill, having a sewer repair at your restaurant could have a bit of a temporary effect on your reputation. Regular snaking and jetting services will save you a lot in the long run, and the inspections that go with them can make sure your sewer system stays function by catching other issues that you might not expect like tree roots growing into your sewer lines.

Need Help? Contact SOS If You’re In A Mess!

Do you own or manage a restaurant in the Minneapolis area and need help with your drain or sewer lines? If you have manifested any clogs, pests, or even any unwanted smells in your kitchen, a drain problem is likely. The good news is that quick action can fix it before it causes more problems, and using a professional service affords you the advice you need to keep it from happening again. If you have drain or sewer problems in your restaurant, contact us today to see what SOS Drain & Sewer can do to help.