Sewer Warning Signs: You Might Have a Clogged Inside Main Line

clogged drainThe sewer system inside your home is very similar to a tree in structure. You have all the small lines or branches running from the drains throughout the house to the one central inside main line or the trunk.

When the trunk begins to clog up with gunk all the other branches are going to perform worse as well and water isn’t always going to go where you expect it. Below are the most common symptoms of a clogged up main line, look out for them so you can get the problem sorted out as soon as you can.

Gurgling Drains

One of the most common symptoms of an inside main line that’s clogged up is a gurgling noise at the different drains or toilets around the house. If bubbles and gurgling happens after draining the bathtub, running the dishwasher or washing clothing, it’s possible the line is beginning to clog up.

Slow Flow Toilets

While toilets that flush much more slowly than they used to could just be clogged up and require a bit of cleaning out, sometimes there’s a more serious clog causing the problem instead. If you notice that several of your toilets are flushing more slowly, or failing to flush properly even after you clean them out, you could be experiencing a clog in the main plumbing line.

The Water’s Coming Back up!

If you notice that water is coming back up out of the toilet, bathtub drain or sink drains when you let out a big source of water elsewhere in your home that’s another sign that things are backed up more than they should be.

As soon as you notice some of the above symptoms call in an experienced drain and sewer company to examine the issue for you. The sooner you have experts at your home, the sooner you’ll have the problem solved, which means that you can go back to using your washing machine, dish washer and bathtub without worry.