St. Paul Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain is the last thing you need to worry about, especially when living on a tight schedule. In between taking care of the kids, keeping the house in order, going to work and getting the errands done, is there really time to battle with your drain system or attempt to unclog your toilet? If you are tired of coming home to a slow drain or a constantly clogged garbage disposal, toilet, floor drain or any other drain problem, then let our St. Paul Drain Cleaner Company take care of it. We offer affordable quotes and speedy services that will leave your drains working as good as new without the hassle or the costs.

Foreign Object Drain Removal

There are a number of reasons why you could be looking at a clogged drain. Over time items and residue is going to build up. Your pipes will need a regular clean every once and a while to keep them working to the best of their ability. However, sometimes even with regular cleaning your pipes may still get clogged. If there is a foreign object in there, for example, this can cause a problem. If you have young children then you are probably no stranger to missing items that mysteriously end up in odd places. You may find toy trucks in the toilets, books in the garbage disposal or dolls clothing shoved into the floor drain. We can help remove foreign objects that have mysteriously entered into the piping system.

Frozen Drain and Pipes

Another big concern for residents in St. Paul is freezing pipes. Because of the cold winter weather, we see a lot of pipes that become frozen and cracked during the harsh season. We specialize in thawing frozen pipes and line drains as well as repairs to leaky and cracked drains due to overuse and cold weather.

We can handle any type of drain or sewage system including:

–         Bathroom sinks, tubs, showers, floors and toilet drains and clogs

–         Kitchen sinks and garbage disposal clogs

–         Slow drainage systems

–         Frozen pipes

–         Inside and trench lines

–         Rooter systems

–         Waster interceptors

–         And more!

S.O.S For All your Sewer Problems!

Whatever the problem, at S.O.S Sewer and Drain Systems, we have the tools, the experience and the speedy and reliable service that you need to get out of this messy situation. We can find the missing items that have gotten lost in your drain and we can ensure that your sewer system is working as good as new.

Serious blocks and clogs can leave your home in a complete mess. We know that your sewer system does not only operate Monday to Friday 9-5 which is why our St. Paul Drain Cleaners offer a 24 hour emergency service line. Don’t wait until the morning to worry about the mess – call us right now and get your home back to normal right away.

If you’re stuck with a mess, call the experts in St. Paul Sewer Cleaning at S.O.S today at 612-721-5413!