Teen Falls 46 Stories down High-Rise Garbage Chute

It is very important to emphasize garbage chute safety in Minnesota and beyond, as garbage chutes can be quite the plunge for someone who falls into one. It is also possible to become stuck or face another difficult predicament.

Unfortunately a 16-year-old boy died in Chicago when he fell through a garbage chute back in February.

The teen was simply doing chores when he fell into the chute and plunged 46 stories. The building is a total of 48 stories high.

Witnesses state that the teen had mental disabilities and was simply taking out the garbage when he may have slipped. The boy’s body was later found in the trash compactor in the building’s basement.

Police are currently investigating the incident and how the accident occurred.

As gruesome and devastating as this accident is, it does put an emphasis on discussing garbage chute safety with your family. Here are some tips to ensure your family knows to stay safe around garbage chutes:

  • Never attempt to clean a chute on your own. This is a job that is reserved for the professionals. Professional garbage chute cleaning companies use special tools, chemicals, and methods.
  • Never look into a garbage chute. While it can be fascinating, it is very easy to lose balance and fall forward.
  • Look out for wet floors in front of garbage chutes so you do not slip. If the floor is wet, dry it before opening the garbage chute door.
  • If there are any obstacles in the way, move them out of the way to avoid tripping.
  • Before placing anything in the garbage chute, listen to ensure you hear nothing out of the ordinary. If someone has fallen, you could hear them and save them.

Garbage chute accidents are not very common at all, but they do happen. While the chutes are very convenient to have, it is important to use caution around them just as you would any potential hazard so that you can safely use your chute. If you notice it needs cleaned, call a professional to take care of it. By keeping your chute clean, you also help avoid respiratory and flammability issues.