The Cost of Cleaning Your Main Drain

Treating your drains with respect saves you headache and money. You can treat your drains with respect by discouraging pouring oils, greases and fats down the drain.

Also, you should avoid overloading your disposal. Leaving the water running after the waste has cleared the disposal washes any debris down the main drain.

When you carry out practices that prevent clogging, you will not have to worry about the costs of cleaning your main drain.

Below is an overview of the approximate costs of the options for cleaning your drains.

Hydro jetting

The process helps in removing extremely tough clogs that develop on your main drain. The jet of water used to remove clogs breaks apart the tree roots and grime in its path.

The prices for the process ranges between $350 and $600 and can last for more than two hours. Therefore, you also need to consider hourly labor charges in the overall cost.

The Cost of Cleaning Your Main Drain is influenced by the length of your drain.

You might be tempted to save money by carrying out the process on your own, but it is not recommended. Seek the services of our professionals to carry out the process correctly. Professionals minimize any possibility of damage to your pipes and home.

Sewer Snake

This is the most preferred solution for most clogged drains. It gets rid of all the items stuck in your drain.

If you use it together with a rooter machine, the combination is perfect for removing any tree roots that may be in your pipes.

When you hire a professional to snake your drain, the cost depends on;

  • The location of the problem
  • The degree of damage
  • Service fee

The cost of snaking smaller household clogs ranges between $100 and $275 and includes work in;

  • Toilets
  • Laundry rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms

Camera Inspection

If a sewer snake does not work, a professional will resort to camera inspection. This gives a true picture of what is going on in your pipes and helps in coming up with a solution.

The cost of a camera inspection varies between $100 and $800. The final price depends on the recording process used and the length of the pipe.

The price range (The Cost of Cleaning Your Main Drain) does not include any work before or the solutions aimed at cleaning your drains. Some professionals offer discounts if the jobs are combined, for example, if you combine camera inspection and works to solve the problem.

Replacement of Your Sewer

If hydro-jetting, sewer snaking and solutions after camera inspection fail, the remaining option is to replace your sewer. You can at times be forced to replace your sewer if;

  • It is severely clogged
  • Corroded
  • Has lots of tree roots
  • Has extensive leaks

Replacement can take days because the pipe needs to be exposed through digging. It is the most expensive option because of the scope of work involved. The prices range from $1000 to $25000.

The cost of replacing your drain is determined by;

  • Length of the pipe
  • Depth of the lines
  • Type of pipe used
  • Location of the pipe

If you cannot clean your drain and you resort to sewer replacement, digging occurs only near the affected pipe which could damage your lawn. This might bring the need to hire a landscaping entity later, and this increases the entire cost.

If you own a home, clogged drains happen from time to time. Therefore, it would help if you set aside an emergency fund for inspection, repairs, and replacement.

If you want to carry out routine maintenance or experience any sign that your drain is clogged in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and areas around Twin Cities, contact us to help you.