The Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions

Unfortunately, it is a fact that at some point every homeowner will deal with a clogged drain. One day you will go to turn on the sink or take a shower, and rather than going down the drain as it should, water will begin to back up. At this point, you will likely begin to wonder what you should do next. Since calling a plumber can take time out of your day and will cost money you weren’t planning on spending, your first instinct may be to use one of those drain cleaning liquids that are constantly advertised on TV as a quick, easy, and effective DIY drain cleaning solution. However, what those commercials do not tell you is that there are a number of costs and risks that come with DIY drain cleaning. Here are just a few of the reasons you should avoid DIY drain cleaning solutions.

They Can Damage Your Pipes

The primary problem with DIY drain cleaners that the commercials don’t tell you about is how bad they can be for your plumbing and septic tank. Most DIY chemical drain cleaners contain a variety of harsh chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid that can eat away at your pipes over time. Even when products claim to be safe for your plumbing, they are often extremely corrosive. Thusly, by using these products to clean your pipes yourself in an effort to save money, you could end up costing yourself more money in the long-run if they cause severe damage. In fact, these corrosive products tend to be thick and gel-like, which means that they may linger in your home’s plumbing for weeks and continue to cause extensive damage to your pipes.

They Usually Don’t Work

To add insult to injury, not only can chemical drain cleaners actually cause damage to your pipes, but they are also often ineffective against major clogs. While some of these products may help to dissolve minor clogs and remove some debris from your pipes, it is unlikely that they will remove a clog. In fact, even when they appear to work, they generally only remove part of the clog and do not solve the problem entirely. Without professional help, you may then find yourself constantly using drain cleaning chemicals to remove clogs, which will just continue to damage your pipes without solving the root problem.

They Are Toxic

Considering how aggressive the chemicals in these drain cleaners are, it should be unsurprising that these chemicals can be toxic; however, many people underestimate just how dangerous these cleaners can be if misused. When they are not handled properly, chemical drain cleaners can burn the skin, irritate the eyes, and they can even cause health problems if the fumes are inhaled. Unless you have experience using these industrial strength chemicals, there is a risk inherent in using them, which is why drain cleaning is usually better left to the professionals.

They Are Bad for The Environment

In addition to these chemicals being bad for you, they are also bad for the environment. While one would assume that these chemicals would be designed to go into your cities sewer system, pouring these products down your drains can actually negatively affect local wildlife, plants, and the local water supply. Using these harsh products can then end up having unintended consequences that have far-reaching impacts beyond your home.

While using commercial chemicals as a DIY drain cleaning solution may initially seem like a good option, doing so can end up wasting time and money as you try to unsuccessfully clear the clog on your own. Generally, the best option to get rid of a clog in your drain quickly and painlessly is to call a plumber as soon as the clog appears. If you have been struggling with a clogged drain in your home, contact us to find out about the services that we offer.