Three Plumbing-Related Tasks to Tackle As Soon As You Move In

Moving in to a new home is exciting and time-consuming. Between unpacking and re-arranging your furniture, make sure you set aside a few minutes to think about your plumbing system. Doing so may save you from costly repairs and leaks in the long run. Here are three tasks to tackle as soon as possible after moving in.

Locate the water main valve.

Even well-maintained plumbing may spring a leak if the pipes freeze or a joint cracks. If you know where the water main valve is, you can turn off the water to your home before the flooding becomes too extensive. Take the time to find the main water valve now, so you don’t have to waste time searching for it as water pours into your home. Make sure the valve turns easily; apply some lubricant to loosen it if needed.

Clean the drains.

Especially if the home has sat vacant for a while, there may be some sludge and mild buildup in the drains. You can clear this away by pouring a cup each of backing soda and vinegar down each drain. Let it bubble for about an hour before rising it down. The foaming action will help remove scum from the drain, and the vinegar will kill bacteria.

Check for leaks.

Little leaks in the pipes beneath sinks are common. If you catch them and have them repaired early, they’re not usually a big deal, but if you use the water for weeks on end before discovering the slow leak, you may end up with a lot of water damage. Turn the water on at each sink, and let it run while you observe the pipes in the cabinet below the sink. Make sure nothing is trickling out.

If you discover a leak or a slow drain when you first move in, contact us sooner rather than later to schedule a repair.