Trash Chutes are Easily Neglected


The trash chutes in your building are probably the most neglected areas. The fact is, individuals hardly think about the trash chutes because of the fact they handle trash. They aren’t exactly the best smelling areas and it is hard to tell what is in them half of the time. This doesn’t mean that they need to be neglected.

Professional trash chute cleaning can ensure that no clogs occur. Believe it or not, fires can begin in trash chutes. This can cause a building to go up in flames very quickly. Ensuring that the chute is in good working order and that there are no clogs can help prevent this issue. Even if a fire would break out somewhere else in the building, a faulty chute door or debris clogging the chute can cause a problem. When the fire reaches the chute, the chute can spread the fire throughout the building faster. The fire sprinklers within the chute can become completely useless when this occurs.

And if you are dealing with a faulty door, it is best to have a professional take care of the problem due to the fact that replacing the door with sheet metal or after-market wood could present its own kind of fire hazard.

But it isn’t always about the fire hazard, which is a great reason to have trash chutes in your building inspected regularly. It is also about the organisms that live within the chute. A door that doesn’t close properly can spread things that no one wants to have to breathe in. The air quality within the building can become severely compromised and this can result in illness. If occupants within a building become ill because of a trash chute that is faulty, the owner of the building and/or those responsible for ensuring the proper operation of the chute can be held liable for medical bills and other expenses relating to the contracted illnesses.

Overall, trash chute maintenance is simply a part of ensuring the building is a safe and attractive one. Chutes that are washed, deodorized, disinfected, kept clear of debris, and adjusted as necessary are chutes that will not cause any issues for the building owners, operators, and the occupants. Because the trash chute is an area that is interacted with regularly, it is important to ensure its integrity.