Why Do You Need Sewer Inspections? Here Are Six Reasons

To us, it’s clear why someone might need sewer inspections, but you might need some convincing. Well then, here’s six reasons to consider.

  • First thing: Sewer line replacements are highly expensive, and an inspection can tell you whether or not the sewer line of a home needs replacement. This can help you make a more informed decision in considering buying a property.
  • Second thing: A sewer inspection detects problems before they exacerbate. If you suspect something is wrong, you should have your sewer inspected before pipe damage becomes worse or sewage starts to back up into your home.
  • Third thing: If you have an older home, you should consider getting a sewer inspection. This is because many homes built between 1940 and 1980 have sewer lines made of clay composite, which wears down quickly.
  • Fourth thing: If you have a home with tree roots near the sewer line, an inspection would be a prudent choice. Tree roots can invade tiny openings in pipes and grow into the sewer line, causing blockages.
  • Fifth thing: Having your sewer inspected can save you money. An inspection costs in the hundreds of dollars, but digging up and replacing a sewer line can set you back thousands. When looming problems worsen, replacement is often necessary.
  • Sixth thing: A sewer inspection may result in you paying a lower price for a property. If the line requires repair or replacement, you’ll want to get the seller to agree to a lower price to cover these costs.

The professionals at SOS Drain & Sewer have the expertise to ensure a sewer line is in good, working condition. To talk more about having your sewer inspected or schedule an appointment, please contact us.