Why Is Your Kitchen Sink Drain Draining So Slowly?

One day you are washing dishes, confident that you’ll be done in just a few minutes, when suddenly you realize that your kitchen sink drain is, well, not draining. You shudder for a few seconds, then stick your fingers into the drain, expecting to pull out some slimy piece of food, but alas, nothing is there. What’s the deal? Check out these possibilities.

  • Soap, hair or food debris has gotten caught in the trap. If you open your kitchen cabinets, you’ll see a U-shaped pipe underneath the sink. This pipe, called the trap, is great when you drop your wedding ring down the sink, as it won’t let the ring get flushed along with the rest of the water. It’s not so great when it traps hair, food debris and soap. You have a few options here: Use a plunger (preferably not the one you use on the toilet), use a plumber’s snake, use a chemical drain cleaner, or unscrew the whole thing and manually clean it out. You choose.
  • Your vent is blocked. The vents are metal pipes sticking out of your roof that help create a vacuum so water goes through your system efficiently. If your sink is draining slowly, this vent might be blocked. If you can do so safely, climb up on the roof and check it out. You might see leaves and other debris blocking the vent; if so, swipe it away. Otherwise, you may need to get a plumber’s auger to clean it and get things moving again.
  • Your septic system needs cleaning. If you have a septic tank, gurgling and slow-draining drains are a warning sign that things will get ugly fast if you don’t have it pumped. This is particularly true if you can’t remember the last time you had it pumped. Get in touch with a qualified septic service company pronto.

If you aren’t sure why your kitchen sink drain isn’t working well, it’s best to contact us so we can find the problem and get your fully functioning kitchen back.