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How to Clean Out Your Bathtub Drain

Your bathtub drain is slow. Slow as “molasses”. Well maybe not that slow, but when you take a shower in the tub the water ends up being halfway up your calves, and when you take a bath, it takes an hour for it to drain. Not only is that irritating, but can also be unsanitary…. Read more »

Signs of a Clogged Main Sewer Line

The sewer line is one of the most underappreciated features of your modern home. It is responsible for ferrying away every bit of waste that you don’t want sticking around. However, when it is clogged or damaged, you suddenly realize just how much you took it for granted. As problems tend to get worse the… Read more »

Property Managers: What to Do When Your Tenants Have Drain Clogs

“Who handles repairs” Is one of the basic considerations between rental tenants and property managers. Leases usually draw a reasonable line between “major” and “minor” repairs, defining who is responsible for each. Tenants take care of little things like paint scuffs and loose handles while the property manager is ready to be called in for… Read more »

Cleaning a Slow Toilet Drain in Minneapolis

Toilet Drain Cleaning Minneapolis & St. Paul There are a number of times you must face uncertainty in your life, but the anxiety of using a slow draining toilet can be something completely avoidable with the right know how. Regular toilet drain cleaning in Minneapolis is important if you want to be confident that what… Read more »

How to Keep Drain Clogs From Coming Back

Drain Cleaning Minneapolis & St. Paul No one likes a drain clog. It is just a complete day ruiner. However, the good news is that a drain clog is easily fixed by a professional or even sometimes with your own DIY handiness. Drain clogs are hardly the most catastrophic thing to happen to your house…. Read more »

Crucial Reasons That Brewers Need Their Trench Drains Cleaned

Trench Drain Cleaning Minneapolis & St. Paul The Minneapolis St. Paul area has always been reasonable awash with beer, but anyone can tell that a serious passion for drinking and brewing craft beer has taken hold of the area. However, with all these brewpubs and microbatch breweries springing up, there is, as always, a need… Read more »

When to Call in the Professionals for a Kitchen Sink Issue

Kitchen Drain Cleaning Minneapolis & St. Paul We often don’t think of it, but the kitchen sink plays a central part in our daily lives. From getting water for the coffee pot in the morning to washing vegetables at night, we depend on it. However, when your kitchen sink is manifesting problems, you realize just… Read more »

What the Sound Of Your Plumbing is Trying to Tell You

When identifying a problem, you should use all your senses. However, no one is telling you to use your sense of taste when it comes to a plumbing problem, but rather, one of your biggest tools to identifying a plumbing problem can be your hearing. Some plumbing problems are silent, this is true, but so… Read more »