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Unclog Your Toilet – Without a Plunger!

We’ve all been in a situation involving a clogged toilet (hopefully yours and not someone else’s). A plunger will usually do the trick … but what if you don’t have one on hand? Thankfully, there’s a simple solution that’s just as effective. First you need to stop the toilet from overflowing. If the water looks… Read more »

Why Do You Need Sewer Inspections? Here Are Six Reasons

To us, it’s clear why someone might need sewer inspections, but you might need some convincing. Well then, here’s six reasons to consider. First thing: Sewer line replacements are highly expensive, and an inspection can tell you whether or not the sewer line of a home needs replacement. This can help you make a more… Read more »

Your Clogged Drain Cleaning Crisis Started with…..

This is probably the whole list. There are 4 main drains that can clog inside a home: kitchen, sink, shower, toilet. While clogs are inevitable, a list of the usual suspects to keep under control should help you stay “unplugged” as long as possible! Kitchen sink: Grease. This belongs in a theater near you, not… Read more »

Minnesota Drain Cleaning Before Disaster Strikes

At SOS Drain and Sewer Service, we are happy to help our Minneapolis and St. Paul neighbors when they have plumbing problems. Still, there are times that a homeowner should consider calling a drain professional even if there is not a major problem. The sewage system may seem fine, or there may be small clues… Read more »

Handling a Clogged Floor Drain

A backed up floor drain can cause significant damage and grief, especially in a home with a finished basement. Flooding from a floor drain is usually the result of either a blockage in the main line leaving your home, or because of a backflow of water coming into the house from the sewer system. In the… Read more »

What is hydro excavating?

What is hydro excavating? It is a process of moving soil that is direct, more cost-effective, and that results in less trauma to utility lines. It was invented in Canada as means of excavating frozen dirt for the oil and gas industries, and has since been popularized in the plumbing industry. It combines high pressure… Read more »