Clean Your Clogged Drains in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Surrounding Areas

Minneapolis Drain Cleaning

A clogged drains means the water in your sink backs up, and you have to be careful not to create a flood in your bathroom, kitchen, or basement. Are you tempted to fix the clogged drain on your own? It’s best to let a professional take a look at it. Your own attempts at unclogging the drain may actually cause more damage. Sometimes, there are big problems hidden inside your drain pipes.

S.O.S. Drain & Sewer Cleaning Services will get at the problem and fix it. When you call a professional drain technician to clean your clogged drain, you get real help for a complete solution. Avoid costly damages from damaged drain pipes. We’re here to clean your drain the right way, right away.

Full-Service Drain Solutions in the Twin Cities

What kind of problem does your drain have? We have solutions for a variety of common drain and sewer problems, including:

  • Bath Tub and Shower Drains. Hair and soap are not a great combination when they stick together inside your drain pipe. A clogged tub or shower drain can be cleaned with various techniques by our expert drain technicians. Are multiple drains backing up? That’s an indication of a deeper problem. We promise to get to the root of your tough clog.
  • Kitchen Drains. Over time, your kitchen drain collects debris from food, grease, dish soap, detergents, and whatever else you wash down your drain. It builds up and eventually creates a clog. At first, you may notice your sink is draining slowly. Then, it stops draining altogether. It’s time to call the experts at S.O.S. Drain & Sewer Cleaning Services!
  • Floor Drains. Your laundry room, garage, or basement may have a floor drain that is clogged. Floor drains are built with a trap filled with water to keep sewer gas and odors from rising up into your home. When that gets clogged, it’s best to get to an expert to safely clean it out for you.
  • Downspouts. Did you know that a downspout is technically a drain on the outside of your building? When it gets clogged, water collects in the gutters and spills out over the edges, pooling around the foundations of your home. This has the potential to create a lot of damage. Get a clogged downspout cleaned out right away for the safety of your building.

Why DIY Clogged Drain Solutions Aren’t Always Helpful

Many people in the Twin Cities have good intentions when they set out to unclog their own drains. Some clogs can be removed by non-professionals, but there’s a good chance your fix-it-up solutions will result in more problems. Chemical drain cleaners are meant to dissolve tough clogs, but they are often too abrasive for your pipes. The chemicals can create leaks in your drain pipes. Plungers and snakes may remove simple clogs, but they aren’t powerful enough for major clogs. If you have a recurring clog that you are constantly fighting against, you need to call an S.O.S. technician to take a look.

Emergency Drain Service

Some clogged drains require immediate attention. Emergency drainage problems include clogs that cause serious damage to your home. A clogged drain has the potential to put a stop to your busy home life. In such situations, you need professional help, fast. Call S.O.S. and let us know what is going on. We’ll get to your drain emergency as soon as we can. We understand clogged drains, and we want to help you get back to your normal life.

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