Clog In Main Sewer Line

What to Do When You Have a Clog In Your Main Sewer Line

In terms of plumbing emergencies, a clogged main sewer line is pretty much one of those top priority sort of plumbing emergencies. You may not have sewage spilling out in your yard when you discover a clog, but a clog in the main line definitely makes that a possibility if ignored. Once a clog occurs, you might start to see all that waste water oozing back in through any drain possible, and it is not only gross, but filled with bacteria. Previously, we discusses some big warning signs that there is a clog inside your main line, but many people don’t know what to really do if they do have a clog.

Stop Using Your Plumbing

The obvious first step for many plumbing problems is to stop using the plumbing. However, in main line issues, you need to halt plumbing usage throughout the whole house as continued use can actually make problems much worse. Typically because you have to stop plumbing usage in the entire home, you may want to consider hiring a professional to solve the problem rather than trying to troubleshoot it yourself. A plumber can likely solve it in a few hours and after a few hours of not being able to use any plumbing, you will realize just how much you missed it.

To Snake or Not to Snake

If you have a clog in your main line you may be tempted to run a snake to try and fix it. To do this, you need to have main drain access, and some homeowner’s might not even know where that is. However, the issue with main drain snaking is that while it will poke some holes in there, you might not completely clear the clog. This means the issue may just come back again in a few days, and that is not only annoying, but it increases the likelihood that there will be damage to the main line.

Call a Professional Plumber

For many plumbing issues, there is a way that you can kind of troubleshoot it and fix it yourself if you really want to. However, main line issues are difficult to fix on your own and it strongly behooves you to call a professional. You want this issue solved right the first time and without any damage to your main sewer line. Furthermore, plumbers have access to drain cameras that can properly identify the problem. This is useful specifically because clearing out tree roots requires a different approach than clearing out sludge. Different issues can benefit from different tools in a plumber’s repertoire.

Homeowner Versus City Problem

Since sewers are a city service, many homeowner’s may wonder if they can call a municipal worker to help them solve the issue. In truth, the lateral line and everything in your house is an issue that the homeowner is responsible for. However, if your clog persists, it may in fact be an issue in the municipal line. If this might be the case, you may want to ask if your neighbors are also having issues and take it to city services for a fix. While having city officials come out to fix a clog in the municipal line is what you pay your taxes for, it will still take longer than if it was in a place where you could fix it yourself. So while cheaper, you should hope it is a problem you can call a plumber to come fix.

Need Help?

If you have discovered that there is a clog inside your main sewer line, you might be able to give it a temporary fix by yourself if you are handy. However, main sewer line clogs are one of many more difficult tasks that plumbers are made for. If you want your clog fixed quickly and the right way so you can get back to using your plumbing safely as soon as possible, contact us today. Let SOS Drain & Sewer come solve your plumbing emergency.