Garbage Chutes Must Meet Specifications

It is important that trash chutes within buildings meet a certain set of specifications. If trash chutes are not installed correctly or maintained, they can be fire hazards and they can pose a danger to the health of the individuals within the building.

First of all, a trash chute has to be up to code. If it is in violation of building codes, then the chute is going to have to be brought to code. This means that it is best to replace an old garbage chute system for a newer one in order to maintain health and safety within the building.

Another aspect of a chute is that it should be constructed of aluminized steel. It needs to be lock seamed or fully factory assembled. Because buildings have multiple floors, there should be one expansion joint per floor and the interior of the chute should be flush without any rivets, bolts, or clips for any garbage to become caught on. The chutes are secured with chute support clips. This means that any “quick fixes” should not be done or a problem could develop.

Intake doors are bottom hinged and made of stainless steel fronts. The tee handle is chrome plated and there must be a fire rated latching mechanism. The hinge used on the door is a stainless steel piano hinge.

As far as the discharge doors, they are spring loaded. A vent also needs to be made in the same diameter of the chute and four feet above the finished roof. This vent is complete with the roof flashing to make sure the seal is water tight. A metal weather cap is then put on. This vent is very important in ensuring air quality within the building.

In short, these are specifications that show how much is involved in a trash chute. It may seem as if it is just a tunnel with doors on each end because the rest is not really seen by the average user, but these devices have a very important function within a building and it is very important they are up to current standards since they do have trash moving through them all day every day. Sometimes trash can seem harmless, but materials can be thrown down a garbage chute that isn’t so harmless and that means ensuring that all measures are put in place to avoid any airborne contaminants from affecting the occupants.