How Often Should You have Your Sewer Inspected?

A sewer inspection can help you catch early sewer problems while they are still minor repairs. While every sewer repair can turn into a bit of an expense, the earlier you catch issues, the cheaper they will be to fix. Yet, while sewer inspections are important without a doubt, they are not often seen as one of those appointment that you put on a schedule. This leads many to wonder how often sewer inspection need to be done for their home or business.

Have You had Sewer Issues in the Past?

Let’s be honest, you don’t think about sewer inspections until you have already needed to have them done due to a problem. You had a sewer issue already, or at least suspected an issue was happening, then an inspection proved it. If you have had sewer issues in the past, you will likely want to make a sewer inspect a priority every few years in residential properties.

The frequency of sewer inspections in a residential property does depend on the type of problem that you had. For example, if you had a bunch of tree roots removed after an inspection showed your pipes were infested with them, that is something to monitor. If you never removed those trees, there is a decent chance the roots could come back within years even if you had the sewer pipe itself patched up. Furthermore, if a sewer inspection showed very minor issues that need monitoring or you chose not to repair the cause of an issue, they will need an eye kept on them through regular sewer inspection.

The good news about residential sewer problems is that they can take a while to manifest. If your sewer came back from an inspection and everything was fine, you can easily wait two to three years to have it inspected again. Your home does have to endure regular sewer use, but it is often a load that the sewer is designed to bear very efficiently for years, thus problems are slow to happen.

Sewer Inspection Frequency for Commercial Properties.

While residential homeowners can get away with sewer inspections less frequently, commercial properties will want their sewers inspected on a regular basis. The general rule is an inspection every year, and you may want to talk scheduling options for it. Depending on your property type, you may want them done as soon as every six months if your commercial property endures a lot of wear in the sewer.

Buildings with a number of bathrooms or restaurants often have sewers that endure a little more wear than the standard commercial space. As such, they need to be monitored more closely for issues in the sewer through inspection. Furthermore, because they are often public spaces, sewer issues are one of the last things you want to have happen at your place of business. This is why sewer cleaning and inspection is something to be very proactive about because reacting to these types of plumbing problems can lose you business. By catching problems when they are small or taking action to prevent potential problems, you will save money in the long run.

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