How To Avoid a Commercial Sewer Cleaning Scam

Water is pooled around many of the floor drains. Toilets overflow on occasion. Offensive odors emit from one or more of the floor drains. Unsanitary conditions abound. You also notice small gnat-like objects flying around and annoying everyone. You can’t seem to discover the source. These are all symptoms of a possible clogged sewer drain. When calling around for a commercial sewer cleaning service, we have some tips to share regarding how to avoid a scam and keep more of your money in your pocket.

Ask for References – Obtain a price quote and remember that inexpensive does not equate to the best. However, as we shall see in a moment, be wary of paying for more than what you actually need.

Unnecessary Sewer Line Replacement – Replacing a sewer line is a costly operation that is sometimes unavoidable. We want you to avoid paying for something you don’t need. Sometimes only a minor clog needs to fixed. One procedure for inspecting sewer lines is with a video camera. You should ask to see the footage to substantiate the video is of the inside of your sewer line. You wonder if there is some way to confirm this. Wouldn’t sewer lines look the same on the inside? Ask the video inspector to begin filming an object familiar to the area where the video scan is taking place. This should verify you were not handed a fake video of another sewer line that has cracks, corrosion, tree roots, or any number of other clog issues that would swindle you out of thousands of dollars on a sewer line replacement that you do not need.

Tree Roots or Bad Clogs – Most sewer lines are 3 or 4 inches in diameter. Confirm that a 3 or 4 inch blade is being used to remove the debris. A smaller blade will save the technician a lot of time but the clog will soon return only to cost you a lot more money. We get it right the first time or we keep coming back.

Finding Other Problems – With the inspection complete, the inspector now claims that your sewer line is in disrepair. They claim it will need a replacement. For thousands of dollars more. You thought it was just a minor clog but when the inspector hands you an estimate of the work to be performed along with the cost, you politely bid farewell and begin a search for a second opinion.

Ask questions and verify answers. S.O.S. Drain and Sewer Service is a reliable, reputable and reasonable company that has been serving the entire Twin Cities Metro area for over 75 years. Sewer line cleaning scams are expensive and we hope you have not had to face one. We have one more tip for you if you have encountered a sewer or a drain that needs service: For a free inspection and assessment, call S.O.S. Drain and Sewer Service where your satisfaction and peace of mind is our highest goal. Call us anytime day or night.