How to Unclog a Shower Drain

Dealing with a slow or clogged shower drain is a common household nuisance. If you’re facing water pooling around your ankles during a shower, it’s time to address the issue. SOS Drain and Sewer, located in Mound, Minnesota, is here to guide you through the process of unclogging your shower drain effectively.

Assess the Situation:

Before diving into unclogging your shower drain, assess the severity of the blockage. Determine if it’s a minor clog that can be resolved with simple home remedies or if a professional intervention is necessary.

Common Home Remedies:

  1. Boiling Water: Pouring boiling water down the drain can help dissolve soap scum and other debris causing the blockage.
  2. Baking Soda and Vinegar: This classic combination can create a fizzing reaction that helps break down clogs. Follow it with hot water after about 15 minutes.
  3. Plunger: A plunger can be effective in dislodging minor clogs. Ensure a tight seal and plunge vigorously for a few minutes.

Our Service Area Includes But Is Not Limited To These Cities:

SOS Drain and Sewer is dedicated to serving Mound, Minnesota, and a broad range of cities in the surrounding region. Our service area includes but is not limited to Anoka, St. Paul, Bloomington, Minnetonka, Chanhassen, Shakopee, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Eden Prairie, ensuring that residents and businesses receive prompt and reliable plumbing assistance.

When to Call the Minneapolis Drain Cleaning Professionals:

If your efforts to unclog the shower drain prove unsuccessful or if you’re dealing with persistent drainage issues, it’s time to call in the professionals. SOS Drain and Sewer specializes in Minneapolis drain cleaning and clearing, using advanced techniques and equipment to address complex plumbing issues.

Call the Minneapolis Drain Cleaning Professionals:

For expert assistance with stubborn shower drain clogs or any other plumbing concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to SOS Drain and Sewer. With four convenient locations in Anoka, St. Paul, Bloomington, and Minnetonka, we’re ready to provide prompt and efficient solutions. Contact us at (763) 413-4720 for Anoka, (651) 645-8383 for St. Paul, (952) 835-7677 for Bloomington, and (763) 559-9050 for Minnetonka. Let us help you restore your shower’s drainage and maintain a smoothly flowing plumbing system.