Why is Your Roof Leaking?

Is your roof leaking and you are wondering why? If so, you may be surprised that your gutters could be the culprit behind the leak.

Gutters can become clogged with needles, moss, leaves, and even tree branches. Dirt is also a common cause. If water is not allowed to enter the gutter so it can drain away properly, problems will eventually rear their ugly heads. Water could even flow over top of the gutter or move along sideways on the roof to find another exit point. This can cause damage to the home’s foundation because the downspouts are not being allowed to do their job of directing water away from the foundation. Instead, the water is literally falling off the roof wherever and pooling around the foundation.

Incomplete gutter systems can also be a problem. While the roof is intended to get rid of rainwater, it is not supposed to act as a downspout. There are some homes with upper gutter systems that empty on top of a lower roof. If this is something that cannot be avoided, it is important to put down metal shingles so that the brunt of the wear and tear can be taken by a much tougher material. Perhaps this type of downspout can lead to a lower gutter that will then direct the water to a downspout that will lead the water away from the foundation of the home. There are solutions to these issues so that shingles and roofing does not have to be compromised, causing damage to the home that can go as deep as the walls of the living quarters. Sometimes it is just a matter of making a downspout longer so that it reaches the lower gutter.

Another significant issue is moss on the roof, so it is important to have that moss professionally removed. The reason is because the moss can become thick and redirect water to flow in a strange direction, diverting it away from gutters. The moss can also become stuck in the gutters. This means that your gutters will have to be inspected often and your roof cleared of moss so that water does not drain from your roof in strange ways. Water that does not drain in the proper direction or becomes backed up on the roof can lead to a great deal of roof damage that ultimately leads to a leak.

Overall, it is ideal for you to have your gutters and your downspouts inspected regularly to ensure there are no clogs that can prevent the proper drainage of water. That way you can minimize the cost of any future roof repairs. Even something as simple as having downspouts that direct water away from the foundation properly can save you a great deal of money.