Signs Your Building Needs a Roof Drain Cleaning

Commercial establishments need to stay in tip-top shape in order to maintain a professional and capable image for their customers. It is important that your customers see you take great care of your own establishment so they are confident giving you their business, no matter what type of establishment you are running.

This goes for commercial building owners as well. Your renters who run businesses out of your commercial properties will be less likely to renew their lease if their building isn’t kept in good condition. When customers see that the roof or roof drains are in disrepair, customers may take their business somewhere else. To learn more about our roof drain cleaning services please go to our informational web page to read about it.

But how do you know that there is a problem with your roof drain?

There are a few different ways your roof drain can become clogged:

First please remember that if you are unable to access your roof drain safely always call an expert for help!

If you are able to clear any debris from the top of the roof drain and unscrew the cover, shine a flashlight in there to see if there is anything obvious blocking or clogging the drain.

Do you hear or see a small animal nesting in there? That is a sure sign that the drain is at least partially clogged. In cases like these, it is usually best to have a professional come check it out.

Another way to know that your roof drain needs professional cleaning is when your roof begins to leak or sag. This is usually an expensive repair, so don’t wait until this happens. Call the experts here at SOS Drain & Sewer today! You can also go to our free instant drain cleaning quote page for your instant quote!