Roots in Drains Need Addressed in Twin Cities

Imagine this: There is a fast food restaurant that averages around $1,500 per day in revenue. If it operates 365 days a year, that’s around $547,500 per year. But if that restaurant would close because a drain line to the grease trap became clogged, a lot of revenue is lost because they can’t operate. For a restaurant that doesn’t make a significant amount of money, one day of downtime can cause a dent in their revenue.

But let’s assume the restaurant brought in around $6,000 in revenue and operated 365 days a year. The restaurant is still not bringing in anything if it has to close, but it may have better insurance that protects it from such issues. It’s not hard to sell a restaurant such as this insurance to cover a clogged drain as it is to sell insurance to one that doesn’t make as much revenue. That is why it is very important that homeowners, restaurants, and other types of businesses are protected against clogged drains.

Another common drain problem is when roots infiltrate drain pipes. For a business, the downtime can be quite the hardship, which is why the problem needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. An experienced Minneapolis & St. Paul commercial drain cleaning company can take care of the problem. The sooner the call is made, the sooner the issue can be rectified. The longer the wait, the more serious the damage will be.

But how do you know that there is a problem before it creates such a major problem that it shuts down operations?

Regular drain maintenance is the key. Maintenance is much more affordable because it costs less than actual repairs. Even if you have insurance that covers drain issues and the downtime associated with it, it is important to review the policy. Will a claim make your rate go up? How much will the rate increase cost you over time?

If a problem is discovered during drain maintenance, then it can be fixed before it becomes a more serious issue. There are special tools that can be used to diagnose the problem and then fix the issue quickly and effectively.

So even if you don’t expect that there is an issue with roots infiltrating drain pipes or any pipes, maintenance is going to catch them. You don’t have to have a problem before something is done. Usually, waiting for there to be a problem is when the issue becomes a very expensive one.