Sewer Cleaning Clogs Minneapolis

A clog on your main sewer line might not present threats to your home immediately. However, you need to address the issue as fast as you can. Taking time to address the issue might lead to several backed-up sinks and human waste draining into the bathtub.

Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

The indicators of a clogged sewer line include:

  • Gurgling sounds from the drain
  • Flooding shower
  • Back-ups of water drains

Causes of Sewer Line Clogs

There are different causes of clogs on your sewer lines. When you flush wrong things down the drain or toilet, you are likely to experience a clog on your sewer line.

Even if the wrong things such as diapers and paper towels make it through your toilet plumbing fixtures, there is a possibility that they will get stuck along the line.

Natural raw sewage backup can also lead to a clogged pipe. This happens when you do not maintain your sewer lines. Therefore, you need to address the issue promptly to avoid further damages.

Damaged pipes can also cause sewage backup. Your pipes could be damaged at the offset joints or due to intrusion of roots in your yard.

Fixing Sewer Clogs

Standard household solutions for addressing the issue of clogged drains may eliminate the symptoms. This is possible if the cause of clogged sewer lines is within your drains.

When the issue is in your main sewer line, it is important to consult a professional because of the safety risks and use of required equipment. An expert will alleviate the symptoms and sort the other issues that need to be sorted.

Enlisting the services of a professional helps you in receiving better service. Besides, a professional minimizes the possibility of experiencing extensive damage, such as replacement of the entire sewer line.

Why Choose S.O.S Drain and Sewer Service, Inc.

Experts Within Your City

S.O.S. Drain and Sewer Cleaning Services are one of the professional entities that provide sewer line maintenance and repair. There are experts in St. Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding Twin Cities to serve our clients in those areas.

Our experts assess the issue and resolve it promptly to keep sewer pipes of our clients in the areas mentioned above operating efficiently.

Great Reputation

The company is notorious for high-quality work. Therefore, you can trust us with your maintenance and Sewer Cleaning Clogs works for exceptional results. We are painstakingly accurate because of employing only technicians with expertise and use of modern equipment.

A combination of expertise and advanced equipment translates to proper Sewer Cleaning Clogs services without any damages to your sewer pipes. The experts have undergone the right training and exercise caution because the objective is for you to incur fewer expenses.

Specialists in Maintenance

You can reach out to us even before your sewer line is clogged. We tailor-make maintenance plans for all our existing and potential customers to ensure that their sewer lines remain clean. This helps in eliminating any possibility of repairs, which can, at times, be expensive.

For example, tree roots can penetrate your Sewer Cleaning Clogs. Removal of those tree roots before infiltration can help avoid repairs.

Our specialty in maintenance revolves around the use of modern equipment, such as cameras, to inspect the pipes and rectify any issues before any damages occur. In this regard, we save our clients, and it explains why we have numerous loyal clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and areas around Twin Cities.

Your sewer line needs to be cleaned often. If you do not clean it, it is likely to be clogged, leading to expensive repairs. If you are experiencing any signs of a clog and you require maintenance or cleaning services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and areas around Twin Cities, contact us to help you.