Why Clean an Air Conditioning Condensation Line?

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One of the biggest things your central air conditioning does that it doesn’t get much credit for is actually dehumidifying your home. It can feel as humid as a rain forest outside, but as cool as an arid wind-swept plain inside thanks to air conditioning. It is not because the cool air means less humidity, but rather because your air conditioning is taking the humidity out as it pumps cool air back in.

However, just as a dehumidifier gathers the water it removes from the air in a reservoir to be emptied, so, too, does your air conditioner need to do something with all that water it is removing from the air. This is the purpose of your condensation line in your air conditioner. It takes that water and it ferries it safely outside your home. However, just like any other drain, that condensation line will eventually need cleaning.

Why Have a Condensation Line Cleaned?

Unfortunately, water is not the only thing floating around in humid air. Dirt, dust, and mold particles can all be caught up with humid air and that ends up in your condensation line to varying degree. While for the most part it will all be released with the water, it can build up over time  in the line and cause clogs or constrictions. When this happens, you run the risk of a few problems manifesting themselves.

The primary issue that a clogged condensation line can cause is that the water isn’t draining. It is instead just being held in the line. This can cause the line to break, which can cause water to leak out in your AC exterior unit or the water actually flow back up, in some cases coming back into your home. Neither is something you want to happen. However, the good news is that the line can be easily flushed and cleaned by a plumber or an AC repair technician if you are having your unit inspected.

While condensation line clogs aren’t as common as other drain clogs, they can still be just as big of a problem if they happen. If you are doing something like home renovation with the AC on, it can make clogs form a little faster as well.

Clean Condensation Lines Mean Efficient AC Units

The condensation lines clogging and leaking should be your primary concern. However, having these lines cleaned regularly does have its own benefit. Air conditioning units were made to function a certain way. When everything functions as designed, your air conditioner runs at peak efficiency. When a condensation line is constricted or even fully clogged, it affects that efficiency. This essentially means that your air conditioner is working harder than is normally should be. This stress caused on the machine not only affects its ability to cool, but it causes the whole unit to wear down faster.

Furthermore, any leaking water presents the opportunity for damage. One of the major worries of water around your air conditioning unit is not so much any electrical damage, but rather the opportunity for rust to form on the metals that lead to corrosion and serious damage. Once rust has formed, it will usually continue to eat away at the metal until it is completely gone. This is why you want your air conditioning unit to be water-free, thus leaks should be swiftly taken care of.

Who knew a clogged condensation line could eventually lead to the whole air conditioner breaking down, right? Well, this is exactly what can happen. If you are seeing water around your air conditioning unit or anywhere that water should not be, contact us today. While we specialize in sewer and drain cleaning, SOS Drain & Sewer can help you clean out that condensation line to help make sure it is draining as it should be.