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How to Get Rid of Tree Roots in a Sewer Line

If you have trees growing in your yard, they may be looking for water and nutrients in the wrong place: your sewer line connecting the plumbing in your house with the city’s main line in the street. These roots can enter through cracks or joints, growing and expanding to clog or break your pipes. How… Read more »

Local Best of Guides: Best Drain Cleaning Companies in Minnesota

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What Causes a Sewer Line to Clog?

You typically don’t think about your plumbing unless there’s a problem like a clogged toilet or sink drain. Individually, these issues are fairly easy to fix in just a few minutes. But, if you’re having problems with multiple drains in your home, you might have a bigger problem to address. All of the plumbing in… Read more »

Which Toilet Paper Is Best For Your Sewer System?

Toilet paper probably isn’t on your list of interesting topics to discuss. In fact, it’s one of those things that most people would rather not talk about. After all, your bathroom habits and the products that you use are personal and you like to keep that kind of information to yourself. But, did you know… Read more »